Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Crochet Agony

Hello ladies!
Since Christmas I have been crocheting like a demon. (I will try to do some photos this week... you can't wait can you?) Granny squares have been flying off my hook and many plans are in my head for new projects. Last Friday morning, I woke up with a bit of a stiff neck and a bit of a sore arm. Not letting this stop me, I crocheted like a maniac all weekend. By Monday I could hardly move my arm without crying and Mr EF said I was groaning in my sleep. This morning, after a couple of days and nights of agonising pain I have given in and been to the doctors. I knew this was coming because I've had it before, (but not from crocheting) so it was no surprise when he said he thinks I have a possible prolapsed disc in my neck. Now it might not be anything to do with crocheting but I have just tried to do a bit and nearly had to run in the kitchen to neck a handful of Co -drydomol (or whatever they're called.) I have an appointment with a neurosurgeon on 10th of April and am praying to the God of Crochet and Necks that I don't need surgery. (Again. I had a plastic disc put in my neck about five years ago.)
So ladies (and gents if any read this) be careful when indulging in extreme crochet. The pain is so bad I feel like my arm is in labour.

Apart from that, how the devil are you? I've been reading and commenting here and there but have had a busy old time and also periods of time with pants internet connection. Four BT engineers later I think we are back to normal as long as I don't breathe near the router and connect by using the medium of shutting my eyes and wishing very hard indeed.

I will dig out a camera tomorrow (off sick due to hurty arm of pain) and take a few snaps of recent crochet projects. (Probably.)