Friday, 30 August 2013

The Wanderer Returns

Good afternoon, campers. How you all doing? (If anyone is still out there and actually looking at this.)

What a most glorious summer we've had and are still having. Mainly. Apart from last Saturday when my village got flooded and some silly sausage drove his car into it and had to be rescued. You always get one doncha? On the news and everything. And The Daily Mail. I wonder how it's affected house prices.

It's been a while and now and then I have popped in and read a few blogs but the urge to write hasn't hit me until just lately. I've taken a run up.

During this period of Non Blogness I have not bought much at all or crocheted or sewn or done anything very crafty at all. So it would seem that I have not very much at all to blog about but I thought I'd dive in anyway.

Yesterday I painted something. Wahay! My mate has started a painted furniture emporium in her front bedroom and is doing ok and we did a sort of swap. I gave her a crocheted blanket, (and believe me that wasn't easy,) and she supplied the Annie Sloan, brushes, wax, venue, lunch and a hand with the painting. We did my chest of drawers. (Hold up I'm going to try and put a picture in here and we all know how that normally goes...)

Well, goodness me, (I just typed something not half as polite as that but deleted it) it worked. Ok, it's small but it's there. You may notice that the quality of photography is a step up from what it was. This is due to me finally giving in and acquiring a phone that doesn't look like it belongs to Dom Joly. I appear to be in possession of a tiny, teeny, baby laptop, posing as a phone that does everything apart from make me a cup of tea and a slice of toast. Twitter, I'm there, Instagram, bring it, Facebook on the toilet, been there, done it. I have morphed into one of those sad sacks that walk about looking at the thing all day just in case anything happened when they took their eye off it for five seconds. Well, you never know, Danny Baker might make a funny tweet or someone I knew seven years ago might be hanging out her washing in Romford.

Anyway, the chest. It was horrible, orange pine and is now Annie Sloan Old White and heavily distressed by me and the pal. We had a bit of a business talk about somehow doing something together. The idea of a shop was bandied about (I could fill it from my garage...) but overheads are a bit too much. Then a unit somewhere, but still with the overheads. So we have decided to investigate the idea of rocking up at a couple of localish vintage fairs (if we ever find any) and seeing how we do there. Could be all talk, as is usually the case with me and my big ideas but we'll see.

I'll try another couple of pictures, just to break the words up a bit. Stay there.
The chest posing with the blanket (which some of you may remember or recognise) in my mate's gorgeous back garden just after being tarted up. We were both happy. And I even sewed (I say sewed...) a label onto her blanket.

Anyway, now I've done the first one, I would like to think I'll keep doing this. Painting and blogging. I was never happier than when I was painting something or writing something so all good.

Laters, girls.

Ps. Went here for my holiday. Olu Deniz in Turkey. Blinking fab.