Tuesday, 29 May 2012

I'd like to thank my agent...

Before I start, welcome to new followers. Even more people reading this drivel! Hello!

Blige me... the very funny Gem from http://treasuresfromthecherrytree.blogspot.co.uk/ has given me an award! The Sunshine Award, which is quite apt now it has stopped blimming well raining and spring has really sprung. Thanks, luv! Most honoured indeed.
Apparently I have to answer some questions and then pass it on. I'll answer the questions but I'm bottling out of passing it on because it's tooooooooo haaaaaaaaaaard and I can't choooooooooooooose. So if anyone fancies it, please take it and pass it on if you wish.
Right, the questions. (I warn you, I am a bit boring.)

Favourite colour
Erm.. grey. (See, told you I was boring.) That's my favourite colour at the moment. This changes on a weekly, if not daily basis.

Favourite Number
Very strange question! I don't have a favourite number but I am more drawn to even numbers. They're more neat and tidy with no messy bits on the end.

Favourite animal
Dog. Hands down. Preferably my own, Manny. He's naughty, thinks he's human and is the best looking dog that ever lived.

Favourite non alcoholic drink.
Tea, all day long. Twinings Everyday thank you. If it's good enough for Stevie Fry it's good enough for me.

Facebook or Twitter?
Facebook, but in a small way, just to be nosy.
 I don't tweet, I honestly don't get it and my phone is not one of those fancy shmancy ones. I like computers but I can't do phones and I don't want to know when someone hangs out their washing or goes up Tescos.

What is my passion?
This changes. Sometimes it's clothes, sometimes it's crochet, sometimes it's reading etc etc. I tend to be very over enthusiastic about whatever I'm into in the moment. This might last a few weeks then I go onto the next thing. I do love a book though.

(While I'm typing this Embarrassing Bodies is on telly. O.M.G. So far I've seen moobs, poo, sweaty boobs and varicose veins of the fanjita. Is it me? Who wants to see a lady garden and a most unattractive one at that at 9.26 of a Tuesday night? I've just eaten my tea...)

Do I prefer giving or receiving?
A bit of both really. I love giving my kids stuff but I also love it when they get me a present and they've thought about it a bit.

Favourite patterns.
I like spots, some florals, a bit of gingham, paisley. Lots really.

Favourite day of the week.
Friday. Hands down. My day off and everyone else is at work or school so my day, all to myself!

Favourite flower
Lupins and hollyhocks. Neither of which I've managed to grow in any of the gardens I've owned. Three houses I've lived in and I've spent £££££££s on Lupins and they never come back. Now and then I get one flower and lay in front of it salivating and stroking the stem until it dies. Hardy perennial my arse. I've never seen one twice. They hate me.

So that's me. Thanks Gem!
Been loving this sunshine!
Laters chaps.

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

The Off Sick Blanket

Well hello! How the devil are you?
Today I am parading my new blanket. Crocheted with the hurty arm of pain during moments when it wasn't so hurty.
Spread almost right out in it's colourful glory. I was meant to be using up all the odds and sods of wool I had knocking about but obv I had to buy a couple of new balls to add to it. Any excuse, eh?
Despite leaving the taking of pictures until the sunniest day this year they have still come out dark, but any regular readers of this blog will know that photography isn't my strong point.
I'll stick another couple on even though it looks like a completely different blanket.
The edging, which I am really happy with. I wish I'd gone round a few more times with the beigey colour but got bored with it and stopped. I like the picot though, although I didn't enjoy doing it much.
Anyway, that's the blanket. It's standing on a table that I painted at the weekend. It's been living in the garage, rubbed down and primed since last summer. I got Mr Me to bring it indoors and just gave it a quick coat of grey with a bit of white mixed in and distressed it slightly by rubbing down the drips. No wax because I couldn't be bothered. Here's a picture of it without blanket.
So that's what I've been up to. Crocheting and painting. I like the table as a home for the blankets and I knew it wouldn't be long before the dog took up residence on the shelf. He did it today, but jumped off sharpish when I hollered at him. I love him and all that but I don't want my blankets smelling like dog thank you very glad.
Anyway that's me. Last week the lovely and very funny Gem from Treasures at The Cherry Tree gave me the Sunshine Award. Thanks, Luv! I will get round to doing it later this week, maybe even tomorrow. Which reminds me that a while ago I was given another award by Mum and also Magie from Teacups and Bunting. Sorry that I never got round to doing what I had to on that but thank you very much anyway.
Enjoy the sunshine!
Laters, chaps.
You wouldn't want to cross this geezer would you?

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Peter and The Mice

Meet Peter.

He's smiling in this one, having just been rescued and washed after an adventure in a mouse's nest. I know he has a gammy eye but give him a break, he's knocking on 50. His moobs are looking pretty good aren't they? I had to throw his clothes away as they had been half eaten by said mice. My nan had knitted him a rather dashing all in one with a zip up the front in about 1962 and I was more upset than I should have been at having to throw it away. This is really for Gem at The Cherry Tree who keeps coming across weird and wonderful dolls whilst on her travels. I only had to go into my own garage to find this one...

Another picture of him.

He looks a bit more sinister here and even more boss eyed. I'm debating whether he's safe to keep indoors actually.
Anyway, poor Peter was my first doll and was living quite happily, alongside my Sindy furniture, a collection of gonks (you have to be of a certain age...) and a couple teddy bears, in a box in the garage. Last Sunday, Manny the dog, spent a lovely hour barking at this box until we pulled it out and very gingerly emptied it. In the bottom, after pulling out half eaten teddies, we found a nest of mouse babies. I'm not going to go into what we did with them, but let's just say they are no longer with us.
I was straight on the phone to my sister to tell her that I had joined the ranks of Professional Hoarders because my hoard had acquired vermin. I could be off the telly.
My first reaction was to lob the lot and indeed we did. But I had to get my Sindy out of the bin and give her a wash and brush up.
Sindy taking a bath in the kitchen sink and giving me a dirty look for throwing her in the bin. Her hair isn't green (it's jolly matted though) that's washing up liquid. Looking good for 42, Girlfriend! I gave her a good soaking and a scrub with Cif and she's come up like new. Except the hair. Sadly her clothes are gone. The leather look skirt and red sleeveless polo neck are in the bin. The only thing she has is her drawers and a pair of cords. Poor mare.
I saved the Sindy wardrobe and chest of drawers, they are still in the garden awaiting a scrub.
So let this be a tale of caution to you all. If you value something, don't leave it in a box in your garage or the rodents will find it and make a home in it. Mind you, if your garage looks anything like this...

then you deserve everything you get. The dresser is from my mum's and I have the Annie Sloan just waiting for my arm to get a bit better. Behind it are the crates of 'vintage' stuff that my sister and I are saving for when we do a fair or something. Ha ha.

On a lighter and non vermin related note, last week in the charity shop I found this.
I know, I know, I said I wasn't going to buy nuffink else. But I LOVE IT, so it's staying. There is more. (I'm blushing a bit now) but I haven't taken pictures yet.
Also have some crocheting on the go and in an effort to de-clutter have put some wool up for sale on Ebay today. I will take photos of the crocheting wip later in the week.
Anyway chaps, Happy Tuesday and laters.