Tuesday, 13 September 2011


Hello girlies.
Oh dear, blocking is pants isn't it? Even with the blocking board (piece of foam with writing on it) it isn't much fun. I dread to think what the dining room table looks like underneath it, I have been scraping pins all over it for days now. The only thing keeping me going is the realisation that all my hard work (ha ha ha) whilst lying on that sunlounger, will be wasted if I don't use these squares.

Have finished crocheting and sewn together the bag, and now have to find a suitable piece of fabric and put my pants sewing skills to the test when I try to line it. I don't think I will ever use it, apart from in Wool Corner but it was quite good fun to make.
By the way, there are handles, they are languishing inside the bag waiting to be lined. (I expect they will be collecting their pension before that day comes...)
Yesterday I finally gave in and went to a lovely wool shop that I had purposely been staying away from for the sake of my bank balance. I did buy some wool and am now making a scarf. I think I bought 12 balls so I will be scarfed up to the eyeballs.
Have found myself loads of projects today browsing blogs and Ravelry and my brain is going mad deciding what to make next. Really I have enough on the go to last me some time but pretty things are calling me and my stash.

This week Teenage Daughter #1 landed herself a full time job. She is now a Junior Legal Secretary in a law firm. Last night we cracked open a bottle of champagne and had a celebratory Chinese takeaway. The hard work for the last two years at college has paid off and I am delighted for her. I will let her have a month in Cloud Cuckoo Land and then I will be hitting her for the housekeeping money. Can't wait. Her paying me. I thought this day would never come!
Still haven't got the memory stick with the chazza buys on it, but will post pictures (of stuff I needed so much I have forgotten most of it already...)when I have.
Enjoy your evening, chicks.


  1. oooo, get you with your fancy blocking board! I just use my ironing board and steam my fingers - hard, dry skin, not me! Steamed clean and shiny. The beauty of lining bags is that all the crappy sewing is out of sight and no one will know except you! Love the sun lounger squares - think you should call it the 'lazy Miss...' blanket, cushion or whatever xx

  2. Looking lovely! Keep on keeping on :-)

  3. I need to get a blocking board. Right now I'm pinning on the bed in the guest room. One of these days a "guest" is going to roll over onto a pin. Ouch. Your bag turned out great! I love the colors. I also took the liberty of glancing through your bookshelf in the picture. I love books.

  4. Congrats on your daughter's job!! As onr of my friends recently said - "that is one off of my payroll." Mine are still in college, but one day.....

    Love the bag - and I think you should carry it more places than the wool store!!

    I am excited to see that you are blocking my favorite squares!! I still just love those colors. Great work on all of them!

    Now just think about how much more wool you can buy when you start charging the daughter a housekeeping fee!!!!


  5. HI,
    Thanks so much for letting me know about the Dockyard event. We went last year and enjoyed it but sadly, we cannot make this year. I'm touched you thought of us (funny how you start thinking of people in blog land, don't you think!) WEll, I;m also pleased to have found your lovely blog. Looks like you are a crochet diva! Go on, get that bag lined, it will look super!
    Hen x

  6. Hi Missy,

    I'm loving the crochet bag and rather you than me on the 'blocking'. I have been greatly inspired by the lovely squares that you've done over the last few weeks to the point that I have dug out my knitting and crochet with the intention of making something! Not sure what though. Looking forward to seeing your scarf and any other creations that you come up with. Happy crocheting ...... H x

  7. I love to look at crocheted things and dream of doing them myself but oh it's so fiddly and when I look at the boring bits, like the blocking, I want to run away. I am destined to pay for crocheted loveliness, not to make my own.

    Your squares are so pretty - the colours are beautiful.

  8. Hello! I don't quite know how I missed your blog before... found you now though. Thanks for your comment, poor you with your tooth, thats miserable. Hope it's better soon. Your so clever with the crochet, I don't know how. I found some other fabric for the dress, on the net, it's much nicer, but will have to wait a while as no dosh!! Have a good weekend
    Sophie xx

  9. Well, I found you via comments on Flowers on my Table, and thence onto somewhere else.... Love your blog. Am determined to look at more blogs, only have a couple of handfuls that I regularly follow, time for new blood methinks. As has been said, don't quite know how I missed your blog....
    I hate blocking and sewing up/sewing in ends... the actual making of something is great, it's always the finishing off that bores the pants off me and isn't done with as much care to detail as the item itself. I should make myself look at it in a more positive light shouldn't I?Not a drudge of a chore to be got through, but the final embellishment to something lovely that I have spent ages making. Humm... maybe that'll work!
    I will be back... promise, not a threat!

  10. Love the colours that you've used for your bag. mmmmm, I know what you mean about sewing skills, mine, too are seriously lacking. Oh well, we can't be brilliant at everything can we??

  11. What a lovely blog you have, and the bag is gorgeous i love it x

  12. Plenty to do then! Keep going. My daughter has just started to contribute to the house keeping. It's surprising how much money is needed to keep house even before buying food. She's kept up to date so far. Hope you're still on for the Virtual Tea Party. I'm going to put some details on my blog.
    Love from Mum

  13. Beautiful squares--I do hope the tabletop is okay! My floors are in terrible shape from blocking pins, but that's what rugs are for, right? I'm in love with your purple granny bag, too--must. make. one. So much crochet out there! :)

  14. Lovely squares- you clever thing!
    Like Jools, my blocking consists of ironing on the back of said crochet piece.
    Not technical or anything!
    Cute bag too. (laughed about your pants sewing. My skills are of exactly the same standard!!)
    have a great week.