Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Time and the lack of it.

Hello chicks!
Wanted to say thanks for all your lovely comments and hello to the new followers. So thanks and hello! It's nice to know someone is actually reading this load of waffle.
I also wanted to ask a question... how do people get time to keep up with this blogging caper? What with work, maffs courses, trying to keep the house looking a little bit clean and tidy, cooking dinner, dashing over to Kent to see my mum, keeping up with family and friends on the phone, checking out all the blogs I like reading and commenting on, I never seem to have a spare minute. I know I'm making a minute now but there are no photos and this post is as boring as arse.
It amazes me that some of you are finding time to make stuff, take photos of said stuff (good ones too) and then write entertaining blog posts about it too. You have my admiration, laydeez.
Anyway, I have quite a lot of charity shop and boot sale finds and if I find time on Friday, my day off, I am intending to get them on here for an airing. Mind you, I have to run to Boots for the 3 for 2 offer on the decent moisturisers (according to my sister) and I have just bought two tins of tile paint for the kitchen... wish me luck.
Laters, ladies. Have to dish dinner up and sort out my clobber for work tomorrow.
PS Was well chuffed that Jo won The Great British Bake Off.


  1. Oh the bake-off! I loved it! I wish I could trade jobs with Mel and Sue and have spent weeks eating delicious cakes without having to lift a finger to make them!

    I think it's hard to keep up with everything in life all at once, and obviously the important stuff like non-computer based day to day things have to come first. I think it only gets hard when you put pressure on yourself to keep it up when you're just too busy, sometimes you have to take a break else you'll go nuts!

    I've also found that people in this lovely craft blogging community are always welcoming and happy to see you, whether it's been two days or two months since you posted. I always look forward to reading your posts, I don't mind when you do them! (And they are never boring as arse, or any other nether region, for that matter!) x

  2. Oh, lovey - you have asked the eternal bloggy question!!
    I have no idea what the answer is- I follow way too many talented bloggers and start to get a bit angst-y when I haven't been to see them for a while.
    I try to - visit the good ol' girls who regularly comment on my blog- they tend to be the ones who i love to read, anyway. I then try to find the time every now and then to have a big catch-up with everyone else.
    Above all else, I try not to worry about it all toooooo much!

  3. I know what you mean! I don't know how some people do it and work outside the home. Keep it fun and don't worry about it. We will all still be here to check out your stuff when you can get to it, even if it's arse(ha ha, your stuff is always a good read). I swear though some ladies must have tiny turbo motors on their crochet hooks. I've never seen such speedy hooking!!! looking forward to your shopping finds. (no pressure though :)

  4. I can't do it -all that you describe. I blog less and less and comment even more rarely - there simply is not enough time.

    If I give my blog (and other people's blogs too) the time I want to give them then other things suffer. Less sewing, less housework (which is not train smash really), less exercise (which IS a bad thing as my bum gets wider and wider the more I plant it on my armchair) I don't see how it can all be done.

    I loved the British Bake Off - I also said I wish I had Mel and Sue's job. Bliss.

  5. I write a bit as I go along, so if I have a spare five minutes, I add a bit more, keep saving it, then I 'm not sat at the laptop for hours at a time,I feel i'm wasting time if I'm on here for hours, i'ts good at sucking you in!! Evenings are good if I'm not knitting, as not a big telly watcher. Plus i'm up at the crack of dawn, most days, so I usually have a quick read then. I really like your blog, you always make me smile :-) x

  6. I can relate as well, I sometimes find that I just can't fit in the time to post as often as I like. Sometimes a post gets put to the side, while I tackle chores and everyday tasks. I think friends/followers are for the most part really understanding if there is only a post here and there. Like everyone else, just post when you have the time and have fun with it. I know I really enjoy reading and visiting your blog :)

  7. I'm in awe at some of the bloggers that I follow. They seem to constantly fill their daily routine with so much.

    I guess they're just really organised, something I've always been pretty useless at.

  8. I do a little bit at a time. Just a couple of lines here, a photo upload there...somehow I manage a post a week. I never watch TV without either crocheting or blogging. I even knit outside my sons school. Only managed on row today but that's four rows this week so I'll get my little square done one day!! Not that I'm a prolific blogger like the ones you are talking about.

    Hard though, this balancing act. I think my life would be way easier if i hadn't found blogging. Easier but less inspired!


  9. I have posted this question on my blog several times! How do women who do it all and do it all so well ever find the time. Between family, friends, work, home - there is never enough time in the day. And when I do find computer time I spend so much time reading and commenting on other blogs that I forget mine.

    So if you ever find the secret to this - share it with us all!!


  10. Hello there! I just wanted to say Hi and thank you for your lovely comment on my blog! Thanks for stopping by :) Loving all your toot & tat!! I can't wait to unpack all of my toot!!! Lovely to have found your blog......I can see I'm going to enjoy reading here!!!

    Jo x

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  12. Hello Missy,

    Sorry, I had to remove my original post as it had a big mistake in it!

    What fab finds, as usual. I love the little crochet book and the fabric. You always post a jolly good entertaining story, remember the blog is for you to enjoy doing whether you write something everyday or every week ~ it doesn't matter. I thought of you when I went to Shepton at the weekend as I saw two unusual pyrex dishes with their own little stands to go on the table. They were really cute. Of course I didn't think to take a picture as that would have been too simple!

    My crocheting is progressing ~ I have done two squares and three stockings which are only about three inches high so far. I had the notion that I would make a lot of my christmas gifts this year. Let's hope nobody asks me for a blanket ....... I think perhaps it might be quicker to get the sewing machine out or better still maybe a trip to the shops ~ lol! Haizi xxx