Friday, 7 October 2011

Toot and tat. A mammoth post.

Right, here goes. I have just taken 44 photo's. Luckily for you I won't put them all in one post. In an effort to be organised, today I am going to do 'Recent Purchases.' 'WIPs' can wait till another day.
Ahem, ready, paying attention at the back?
Firstly, the freebie.
The stuff I took from outside the posh shop in Leigh On Sea that was destined for the bin men. (Turns out, the bloke remembers me because Teenage Daughter #1 bought me a present from said shop in the week and asked the man and he said yes he did remember me and laughed. Very loudly.)
Surprisingly they are still sitting in the exact spot where I put them when I got them home about four weeks ago. 'You could put cutlery in them! You could put napkins in them!' I cried upon bringing them through the house. I will. But not today.
As I felt a bit of a pranny taking the stuff I thought I ought to go in and actually spend a pound note in this shop so I bought these.
Obviously the two cheapest things in the shop, and even whilst making a mercy purchase I couldn't just keep it at one item. The ribbons will come in handy for all my craft projects. (HA HA HA.)And I liked the little tin anyway.
Next up, Pyrex. Now I really don't want to become a collector of any one thing, I love toot in general and am scared of having too much of one thing in case I start behaving like those mentallers who have walls full of shelves built to house their beer mats, but I have found that I do like a bit of Pyrex. I am being picky, (to a degree) I won't buy something I already have and I have to like it. So, here's the latest bits. (I think, I've rather lost track.)
Really liked the fish on this and almost did a little tiny jump for joy. Ten years ago I would have laughed you off the planet for liking this stuff but I think it's the kitschness of it and also it feels a bit comforting. (See, I am turning into a mentaller.)
Had to have this because it actually had a lid. When I saw it I almost broke into a run.
Found this little one in my Mum's cupboard and sort of nicked it. It's probably been there donkey's years. I am looking at my mum's toot with a new eye, believe me. I will never make enough casseroles to use all these will I?
Right, Pyrex done, let's move on. Utility china next. Please be warned that I have left taking these photo's until the darkest day this year so the flash came on and they came out a bit pants, but you'll get the general idea.
First up, plates. Blue, very lovely, bought at the boot fair up the road for pennies. I can't remember how many pennies but it wasn't more than about 200.
Nice 'aint they?
Next, jugs.
Excuse the tap, I wasn't in the mood for moving things about and making them pose. Very happy with these, all bought on the same day at the boot fair, same day as the plates. Good job I had my Tesco Orla Keilly bag with me. I danced all the way back to my car with this little lot I can tell you.
Oops forgot a bit of Pyrex, hold on.
Loved these but I know I will never use them.
Now onto odds and ends.
Flipping love this and felt like keeping it in my handbag so I could look at it whenever I wanted.
Little sugar shaker (another thing I am trying not to collect.) this lives in French Corner. The pretend armoire that is really a kid's bookcase from Ikea reclaimed from Teenager #2's bedroom. ( I say bedroom... )
Little baby tin, very pretty indeed. I also bought a big tin in the same chazza but it was so filthy I soaked it and it is left with a white bloom all over it so not worthy in a place in the line up. On the green one, I did the scratch myself. It has lasted all those years unscathed and after two minutes in my house it is damaged. Soppy mare.
Jubilee things. I know, I'm beginning to look suspiciously like a mentaller here. I promise I won't turn into a 'collector.'
I feel sorry for things and have to buy them.
Big grey thing from TK Maxx. I love that shop. I'd marry it. Every time I go in there I buy something. This grey thing is on another little bookshelfy thing adjacent to French Corner. Grey grabs me, I love it.
Ladybird Love now.
I don't know which of these is new but I am picking them up all over the place. Once I bought some in a second hand bookshop in Rochester and paid probably a bit over the odds for them, but you know those days when you haven't bought anything and are in danger of going home empty handed? Well it was one of them and I didn't want to let the side down so I had to buy some.
This is my favourite, bought from a little lady at the boot sale last week.
How utterly fantastic and fitting! I had a warm glow that morning after finding this.
Right, Fabric Friday.
Curtains. Beautifully made, lined, made out of a heavy linen and all for £7 from a chazza in Chatham. The only window they fit in the house is Teenage Daughter's bedroom. After much pleading, some crying and a smidgeon of hysteria, she gave me a firm talking to and said that under no circumstances was she going to allow them into her room. Disappointed though I was, I decided I will cut them up and 'make' something out of them. On Sunday we are getting the sewing machine out of the garage, getting the rules out to familiarise myself with how it works and commence with all this 'making.' Probably.
Nice cushion cover that I bought weeks ago for about three bob and have just had to pick up from the utility room floor because it hasn't quite made it into the washing machine yet. I had to fight my sister for this so I am a tad ashamed of myself.
Lastly, a bed shot. Mainly for Cuckoo, who has mentioned before that she has a crush on my bedlinen. I saw this little lot in a magazine and then on the very last day that the Teenager was working in Tesco so had 10% off I saw it and bought it. It was dirt cheap, I think it was about £17 for the King Size and I know from experience that most Tesco bedding washes up a treat and usually doesn't need ironing. (Make that never. I only iron bedding if someone posh is staying.)
Anyway, the crocheting is going pretty well, not bored with it yet, but perhaps not as manic about it as I have been. I've realised it's not a race and the wool won't run away if I don't use it up straight away. I will do a crochet post later in the week most likely.
Happy weekend, girlies!


  1. Wow, you sure have bought some lovely things (bargain prices as well!).I can't believe that first lot was destined for the trash! Thank goodness you were there to save them :) I like the pretty pastel jugs and the rose tin. I didn't realize lady bird did a 'learn to crochet book' the information inside quite good for a newbie learner? I will have to keep an eye out for it when I am out at the boot sales. Thanks for sharing your purchases, I do enjoy looking at all of them :)
    Have a great weekend!

  2. Blimey Missy, I don't know where to start. Love your freebies. I'm a big fan of Leigh (and its charity shops especially the v cheap one not on the main drag - do you know which one I mean?). Such a lot of china, the utility stuff is to die for. Excellent pyrex. Haven't seen the one with the lobster before. Love the ladybirds. I've got the learn to knit book but not the crochet one. Must look out for that one. Are there some good pics in it that I can drool over? You have a brilliant weekend. xx

  3. Hi Missy, I haven't figured how to email you back after a comment so I'm posting here again! I mean the chaz shop where you go up an alleyway from the main road (sorry my directions are rubbish I know) and there used to be a good charity shop on the right which had closed down when I last visited then you come out onto another road and turn right (I think). It's next door to a gallery if I remember rightly.

    Make of that what you will! xx

  4. I thought you couldn't find time to do blog posts! This one's a whopper and I've had some good chuckles. Please don't apologise for your taps - they're great and so are all your finds. Happy sewing and crocheting.
    Love from Mum

  5. Aw your ma reads your blog! How cute bless her! Mine reads my stuff but hasn't yet left a message. I have a serious obsession with Ladybird books (they feature a lot in my blogs. I have about 105 of the blighters now but NEVER found the crochet one. Now it's my mission to unearth one....) WOW! What a find.
    My mum used to have the second pyrex casserole dish as featured above. It made me feel warm and homely when I saw it.
    You have bought some amazing things and I am well jel.
    Really great bargainous fodder love. Well done.
    And the bed? I want roses on my bed NOW!
    Have a bonza weekend babe,

  6. Wow - you certainly have been on a shopping frenzy!! Maybe you need to fly over here and take me shopping!! I can't wait to see what you make from the curtains, the material is gorgeous!! Or you could just sneak into daughter's room while she is not there and hang them. (Make sure you hide her original ones!!)


  7. Absolutely green over your ladybird books and the Jubilee things - I am unashamed in being a Jubilee thing collector. :)

    You've got a lot of really good stuff there.

  8. Swit swoo - lovely bedlinen indeed! You've got pyrex coming out of your ears, heh. And nice jugs! :D x

  9. Wow that was fun. Your a shopping wizard! I think I will start looking for some Pyrex, I have one dish and no lid...just useless. Your bed linen is wonderful, love it and the embroidered pillow as well. Have a great weekend!

  10. Fab post! You made me laugh out loud. I know what you mean about worrying you're becoming a mentaller! I collect odd balls of wool (to knit squares for my granny blanket) and anything else that takes my fancy. Friends have been known to worry! Em xx

  11. Gosh, what a cornucopia of fab! I especially like your sugar shaker, crochet book and jugs. Yes, I am also concerned about my mental health at times with certain things I buy - I'm not sure if it's the constant exposure to pyrex on other people's blogs, but I have no idea whether I like it or not!

  12. Hey Missy -

    I was just given the versatile blogger award and wanted to pass one on to you because I love your blog and sense of humor. PS - I crocheted something and thought of you

    check out the rules for the award and grab the button from my page


  13. Tee hee, missus.
    I have laughed my way through this post, because I can hear myself in you!
    Love all your finds, but the Pyrex has me- I wouldn't have been seen dead near it a few years ago, either!!
    The Mister is always giving me funny looks when I triumphantly return from the CS with my latest 'find'!!
    Have a great weekend!

  14. Just found you through MeMe Rose(think we have the same idea about charity shop finds). Love your treasures. That Pyrex is fab and I can never pass a jug. Claire

  15. Hi Missy, I loved looking at these photos, it was like a little walk down memory lane, what with the ladybird books and my aunties casserole dish (4th photo down)
    Who in their right mind doesn't love charity shops? I have been looking at some little ornaments in British Heart Foundation for weeks now and keep leaving them on the shelf because I don't want to collect tat, but they are gorgeous. I think subconciously I'm hoping that the next time I go in, someone will have beat me to it, then I can relax when I walk into the shop and see what else they have for sale rather than been drawn to the back of the shop.
    Thanks for sharing