Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Addiction to Stuff

Hello chaps. Lately, because I am semi house-bound and have too much time on my hands to think, I have been pondering my need for 'stuff.' Now don't take this the wrong way, but it's not only me is it? I think lots of bloggers (and non bloggers for all I know) have this need.
Granted, on the whole we are getting our fixes in charity shops and bootsales, so it's not costing us what it could do, (note I am now lumping you in with me, thereby making myself feel better because it's not just me...) but how much of this gear do we really need?
I know I'm a sporadic blogger but sometimes the thought has crossed my mind that I only bought something because it would be something to show on my blog. And I wonder how many other bloggers are thinking in the same way.
Let me show you some examples of my 'stuff.'

I must admit to rather liking the packed solid look, but honestly, you can't even see most of this stuff it's so closely packed together. How many plates does a person need?
More examples...
The top of the dresser. This stuff can't breathe.

There is so much of everything I don't even remember what's there. And as for dusting... never gets done.

This is all on one set of shelves. I call it French Corner, because I am a pretentious prat. Honestly I don't even notice this now, I could hardly tell you what's on these shelves because there is so much of it. And the boxes at the bottom are also full of china. Tea sets that I haven't got room to display but had to buy anyway.
This is the mantlepiece. Please excuse the most attractive yorkstone wall and be thankful that there is only a hint of the gorgeous Baxi Bermuda fire. This is my attempt at disguising the ugliness. And also somewhere to dump even more things I have bought.
Now let me tell you that all these photos were taken in the same room. Overload or what? I haven't even included a couple of bits of furniture also smothered in things because they seemed pretty conservative compared to these.
On top of all this I have boxes, yes, actual boxes full of china and glass in the garage. I also have another dresser, from my mum's, that I am going to paint, (when my arm is better) so I can stand it in my hallway and put all this boxed up stuff on. I've started to feel a little bit mental.
I've had a feeling for a while that I was buying things for the sake of it. I might like it very much and it might be a bargain (which is often a deciding factor) but I haven't given any thought to where it's going when I get it home. I have piles of tablecloths, fabric stuffed away in bags and boxes, (like I ever sew...) so many duvet sets I can't even fit them all in the cupboard, enough pyrex dishes to make casseroles all week and never have to wash up, wool coming out of my ears, a whole cupboard full of home magazines, just stuff, stuff, stuff.
On top of all this, my sister and I have cleared our parents' house and have crates of stuff marked 'Vintage.' Our idea was to do a vintage stall at a fair or something as we know that a lot of what my mum liked (60s and 70s) is now quite collectible. So I have crates in the garage waiting for us to get our act together and work our how we are going to sell it all.
From today, I have decided that nothing is coming in this house unless,
a) I need it.
b) I love it.
c) I haven't got one already.
d) I think I can sell it.
e) I actually will sell it and not just talk about selling it.

I'm not going to buy thing because I might be able to make something from it because I never do. I'm not going to buy another tea set just because I like the idea of one day have a tea shop. I'm not going to buy another plate because I like it so much I want to lick it. I'm not going to buy another posy because they are my new craze.
I'm going to be ultra selective.

My name is Missy and I'm a Stuff Addict.

Picture of my dog lying by the fire. It has no relation to this post but he looks quite sweet.


  1. Hello Missy:
    You do not lie! You certainly have 'stuff', but how lovely is that and what fun we should have rummaging through it all. Are we at some point to be allowed to see the contents of the 'Vintage' boxes presently in the garage?!!

    1. Hello! And yes, my next post will be about the garage! I hope it brightens up a bit so the photos come out well!

  2. Hi Missy,
    I was just contemplating this today. I have often said I need to open a tea shop, I have so many cups now!
    Perhaps you could have an online shop for things that you no longer want? However, it does all look terribly pretty together. xxx

    1. Hello and thanks for your lovely comment! I have thought about this and wondered how easy or hard it would be to open an etsy shop. All the trips to the post office put me off though!

  3. You do have a lovely collection of things.. but I can relate to what you are saying. My house is the size of a postage stamp so it can struggle having all the pretty things I either would love to have or end up getting. I now have to think to myself..okay where am I actually going to put this. Some things end up getting donated after awhile..I guess it goes off to someone else who will appreciate it :) Selling it is a great idea, but I am a bit lazy when it come to posting things on ebay and having to mail them off :P
    Have a lovely day
    Magie x

  4. Hahaha! You win! You have so many lovely things! I go through mine every once in a while, and if it just doesn't "speak" to me anymore, I get rid of it. The problem is, there is always more "stuff" out there to replace it. Maybe we need to go on a "stuff" diet?

  5. Oh dear, snap! My name is Mum and I am a stuff addict.
    Love from Mum

  6. Hello - yes I have the exact same problem - addicted to stuff - now I am worried that I may not have enough stuff for our Vintage Fair in June and go and buy more. I did say no more charity shops when I had a bit of bovver in one but somehow I have crept back into them - My name is Julie and I have a stuff addiction!
    Julie xxxxxxxxxx

  7. Cute doggy!
    Oh i have been naughty this week..too much time on my hands and have been buying 'stuff' from ebay...oooops! now the guilt sets in!
    have a lovely weekend
    love jooles x

  8. you have to think of yourself more of a 'curator of a small museum', if you didn't collect this stuff it would end up as landfill, it's history and needs saving !
    thats my excuse anyway ! :)

  9. Funnily enough I was just talking to a fellow blogger about this yesterday - lots of people seem to think they're being thrifty by buying 20 items at a bootsale every weekend, yes they were cheap, but it would have been even cheaper to stay in and not buy anything! I know what you mean about buying to blog too - I was definitely guilty of that when I first started posting. I feel like I should be showing off second hand buys - given the name of my blog - but often just enjoy writing about stuff, not necessarily buying it. I don't deal well with clutter and I don't have the space. That said, looks like you have some lovely bits and pieces!

  10. Oh Missy, this did make me laugh! You do have a lot of lovely things, though, Thanks for your comment on my blog and I'm so sorry if I have propelled you towards the closest charity shop. But hey, it's for charity! Excuses, moi?
    Hen x

  11. This is all sounding very familiar to me! I was watching Britains biggest hoarders on TV last night,and thinking ..yes...that could be me a few years down the line if I don't stop my collecting habit. :0)

  12. Love your stuff, especially the skates! I usually find that once I've got rid of something that I don't absolutely LOVE or need, I tend to forget about it because I've usually got more stuff to think about anyway! We're all the same, deep down! Have a lovely week, Claire xxx

  13. Yes that's me. You are talking to my soul! I'm typing this on my dinner table, which we have not been able to eat off in over a week. My collection of cake stands is filling every inch of it's surface. I'm painting the sideboard where the cake stands are usually displayed (I use that term loosely). A sideboard I have been in the process of painting for over a year now.

    I have too much stuff but the need for more knaws at my gut. I will one day have a tea shop (in Cornwall), I will. The reality of ever running a tea shop when my son has severe allergies to wheat, egg and dairy to name but are few are lost in my overwhelming need to serve tea to strangers from vintage tea cups.

    It's madness!

    Madison xxx