Tuesday, 29 May 2012

I'd like to thank my agent...

Before I start, welcome to new followers. Even more people reading this drivel! Hello!

Blige me... the very funny Gem from http://treasuresfromthecherrytree.blogspot.co.uk/ has given me an award! The Sunshine Award, which is quite apt now it has stopped blimming well raining and spring has really sprung. Thanks, luv! Most honoured indeed.
Apparently I have to answer some questions and then pass it on. I'll answer the questions but I'm bottling out of passing it on because it's tooooooooo haaaaaaaaaaard and I can't choooooooooooooose. So if anyone fancies it, please take it and pass it on if you wish.
Right, the questions. (I warn you, I am a bit boring.)

Favourite colour
Erm.. grey. (See, told you I was boring.) That's my favourite colour at the moment. This changes on a weekly, if not daily basis.

Favourite Number
Very strange question! I don't have a favourite number but I am more drawn to even numbers. They're more neat and tidy with no messy bits on the end.

Favourite animal
Dog. Hands down. Preferably my own, Manny. He's naughty, thinks he's human and is the best looking dog that ever lived.

Favourite non alcoholic drink.
Tea, all day long. Twinings Everyday thank you. If it's good enough for Stevie Fry it's good enough for me.

Facebook or Twitter?
Facebook, but in a small way, just to be nosy.
 I don't tweet, I honestly don't get it and my phone is not one of those fancy shmancy ones. I like computers but I can't do phones and I don't want to know when someone hangs out their washing or goes up Tescos.

What is my passion?
This changes. Sometimes it's clothes, sometimes it's crochet, sometimes it's reading etc etc. I tend to be very over enthusiastic about whatever I'm into in the moment. This might last a few weeks then I go onto the next thing. I do love a book though.

(While I'm typing this Embarrassing Bodies is on telly. O.M.G. So far I've seen moobs, poo, sweaty boobs and varicose veins of the fanjita. Is it me? Who wants to see a lady garden and a most unattractive one at that at 9.26 of a Tuesday night? I've just eaten my tea...)

Do I prefer giving or receiving?
A bit of both really. I love giving my kids stuff but I also love it when they get me a present and they've thought about it a bit.

Favourite patterns.
I like spots, some florals, a bit of gingham, paisley. Lots really.

Favourite day of the week.
Friday. Hands down. My day off and everyone else is at work or school so my day, all to myself!

Favourite flower
Lupins and hollyhocks. Neither of which I've managed to grow in any of the gardens I've owned. Three houses I've lived in and I've spent £££££££s on Lupins and they never come back. Now and then I get one flower and lay in front of it salivating and stroking the stem until it dies. Hardy perennial my arse. I've never seen one twice. They hate me.

So that's me. Thanks Gem!
Been loving this sunshine!
Laters chaps.


  1. Ah, that all made me laugh and feel all squishy inside (although that could well be down to the fact I've consumed an ENTIRE 185g bag of Peanut M&Ms. Over 900 calories. I feel dirty.
    Oh lord I watched Embarrassing Fanjitas tonight too. I retched a bit at the flange veins... and the poo that Rosa did which she said was worst than childbirth. I thought it looked worse than the after birth....yikes.
    You were most welcome for the award, I love your writing style muchly.
    Gem xxx

  2. I am back to create an excrement extravaganza.........how did you MISS Rosa's poo??? It was vile. Like a long, wide brown vole.
    Completely and utterly hideous. I don't know how she kept such a straight face. It is a gross show.
    For some reason, it's always on when I am eating sausages and there is always a gammy willy oozing pus, just as I take a bite.
    It will turn me veggie, I just know it. It's only a matter of time...

  3. Congrats on the well deserved award :) I enjoyed reading your answers. I 'attempted' to grow lupins as well in my garden..but it seems not only did I love them, but so did the aphids (a week later no lupins at all). I gave up after that.
    Magie x

  4. Thanks for making me laugh! That was really funny, and you write as you speak ... thanks for leaving a comment on my blog, love from your newest follower, Claire xx

  5. Funniest meme I've read in a long time and Gem's comments had me in hysterics. I watched Embarrassing Bodies once and nearly barfed - so haven't looked at it since.

    You deserve your award - your blog is a sunshiny place. usually makes me smile.

  6. Congratulations to you...a well deserved award indeed. I'm loving your blanket in the post below...lush :o) Found you via Jooles at Sew Sweet Violet and I see some of my other blog chums have found you too..I love this crazy bloggy world xxx