Wednesday, 23 May 2012

The Off Sick Blanket

Well hello! How the devil are you?
Today I am parading my new blanket. Crocheted with the hurty arm of pain during moments when it wasn't so hurty.
Spread almost right out in it's colourful glory. I was meant to be using up all the odds and sods of wool I had knocking about but obv I had to buy a couple of new balls to add to it. Any excuse, eh?
Despite leaving the taking of pictures until the sunniest day this year they have still come out dark, but any regular readers of this blog will know that photography isn't my strong point.
I'll stick another couple on even though it looks like a completely different blanket.
The edging, which I am really happy with. I wish I'd gone round a few more times with the beigey colour but got bored with it and stopped. I like the picot though, although I didn't enjoy doing it much.
Anyway, that's the blanket. It's standing on a table that I painted at the weekend. It's been living in the garage, rubbed down and primed since last summer. I got Mr Me to bring it indoors and just gave it a quick coat of grey with a bit of white mixed in and distressed it slightly by rubbing down the drips. No wax because I couldn't be bothered. Here's a picture of it without blanket.
So that's what I've been up to. Crocheting and painting. I like the table as a home for the blankets and I knew it wouldn't be long before the dog took up residence on the shelf. He did it today, but jumped off sharpish when I hollered at him. I love him and all that but I don't want my blankets smelling like dog thank you very glad.
Anyway that's me. Last week the lovely and very funny Gem from Treasures at The Cherry Tree gave me the Sunshine Award. Thanks, Luv! I will get round to doing it later this week, maybe even tomorrow. Which reminds me that a while ago I was given another award by Mum and also Magie from Teacups and Bunting. Sorry that I never got round to doing what I had to on that but thank you very much anyway.
Enjoy the sunshine!
Laters, chaps.
You wouldn't want to cross this geezer would you?


  1. Love the blanket and table. Lovely to see the sun shining through your door too xx

  2. Congratulations on the finished blanket - hope you won't just remember your hurty arm when you use it. The table looks great - you are obviously on a 'finishing' roll. I won't say anything about the doll - don't want to cross him!
    Love from Mum

  3. Beautiful blanket. Lovely colours, you clever thing you. Like the coffee table.

    You won't be told will you? I've had both my daughter and partner looking at Peter and we all agree he looks like Gina (yes, I'm still going on about it!). I'd love you to see her. If you email me via my blog, I'll email you a picture!

    1. We should start a scary doll convention. I could chair it. Believe me, I've seen 'em all recently!!!!!

  4. I like the beige edging. Like the whole blanket actually - the colours are so appealing. Very well done - I would not contemplate trying to crochet anything.

    I have a lovely crochet blanket from a charity shop - sad thing is some of the squares are becoming unjoined and I have no clue how to join them up again - so it gets more and more raggedy. Actually, I might just take a darning needle and stitch them. At least it will hold the blanket together. So you see how pathetic I am at woolly things.

  5. Such a pretty blanket, you have been busy! It looks like just the thing to cuddle up into on those wet and overcast days..
    Lovely job on the table as well, it looks great ( I like the distressed look).
    Have a nice day today, I hope the sun is shining where you are :)
    Magie x

  6. Hi!
    Came across you through lovely Magie at Tea Cups and Bunting!
    Wonderful blanket..
    I do a little crotchering too..
    Scarey doll!! hehe.
    Maria x

  7. Gorgeous blanket! the egding really sets it off, and well done on finishing your table too, it looks fabulous
    love jooles x

  8. Hello Edith,
    I am your newest follower.
    Hope you are on the mend now.

    Where do I start.....I was intrigued with the photos of your house and I have decided I love it....because its packed full of china....I am very partial to china and most particularly I collect jugs...can't really explain why I have a fetish for jugs...possible something to do with the shape. I am also a crochet addict. You blanket has come out well and can echo Jooles where she comments the edging really sets it off.
    Hope I am not being too cheeky if I say I wonder if your friend here is related to Chuckie....not quite as sinister but not what I'd like to find under my bed of a night.

    Amanda :-)