Friday, 1 June 2012

Flowery Friday

In my garden.

I love this rose. We inherited it and I didn't like it at first but now I like the way the colours change as the buds open. I also like the blowsiness of it. When the petals are about to fall the flowers look all wanton and as if they're throwing off their underwear!  It is rather spiteful, the thorns are huge and at the moment, due to my poorly armage and the non-gardening nature of my old man it is a health hazard as it is hanging right off the trellis and tries to attack anyone who dares to get past it.
In complete contrast, this pretty geranium. I love their simplicity, so cottagy and without frills but effective in a big clump.

LIke smiley little faces!
On my kitchen windowsill.
Please excuse the most attractive big black damp patch on the laundry room ceiling. Due to subsidence (that's another less cheerful post...) we are in limbo where repairs and redecoration are concerned. Bought these lovely stocks yesterday at Tescos for 70p a bunch. Obv bought three, bargainstastic! The begonia was a present from my friend and I'm sort of waiting for it to die, I'm not struck to be honest. I do water it, but only when I feel sorry for it.

On the tea towels I purchased in J Sainsbury Esq yesterday. I almost broke into a light sweat when I spotted these. How Cathish! And for far less money! A fiver the pack. Well chuffed. Actually they had some quite good stuff in there. I had to force myself not to buy a sign with Summerhouse on it and a china apple with green polka dots. Not sure if these tea towels are going to be for using or for admiring and shouting at people for using.
In the living room. On the new table. Well ok, the fiver from Ebay table that I painted last week. Same stocks, 70p  a pop.They smell lovely and I love the look of them even if it means no one can see the telly.
In the fireplace. Ok, ok, they're not real. Spot the imposter in this post. I still love them though and they won't die! £8 each from a shop in Leigh on Sea. I think it's called Scape, but it might not be. Most of the stuff is a bit mod for my taste but they do, now and then, have some great fake flowers and I bought a mirror in there that looks like a window. I'll take a photo of that another day. These hydrangeas are in my boney fidey Thrench milk bottle that I bought for 1 euro in a flea market in Thrance.

So that's the flowers in my manor today.
Happy Jubilee Weekend chaps. God Save The Queen.


  1. What pretty stocks, I bet they smell simply lovely! Who needs to watch tele anyhow, when there are flowers to look at :P I really like the tea towels, I don't think I would be able to resist them either. I always struggle actually using the prettier tea towels, I usually just have them on display as well.
    Have a great weekend!
    Magie x

  2. I love that first rose pretty and peachy :o) I can't seem to keep my roses alive, they get horrible black spot on their leaves and are awash with greenfly...any tips???? Have a lovely weekend..xx

  3. oh my, those roses! I had one like that, but rabbits chewed it down to the nubs and killed it, poor thing. I looooove your Cath-ish towels, and I think you should use them, though I would do the second option, myself. ;)

  4. What a gorgeous rose - you don't (well I don't) see many in such a gorgeous shade of peach.

    Nina x

  5. Such a lovely colour, that rose. I love homegrown roses - they usually have the deepest, richest, most glorious scents. When I go for a walk in the neighbourhood I cannot resist bending over garden walls and shoving my head into rose bushes and inhaling. People must think I am nuts. :)

    Your faux hydrangeas look pretty realistic to me, from here. I wouldn't have noticed they are fake.

    1. Actually that rose has no scent! It looks as if it should smell lovely but it doesn't. I'm looking at it as we speak and it's hanging right off the trellis and nearly touching the floor. It could do someone a serious injury! I have arranged a man to come round and cut my garden right back this year as I haven't been able to do it myself. I'm looking forward to seeing it look more tidy.
      I wish I had bought more of the hydrangeas, even just one more so I had an odd number!

  6. Hello!
    i loved your rose..
    I don,t think bought roses are any thing like home grown ones..
    Have a happy jubilant weekend!