Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Jugs, quilts and books!

Wotcher, ladies!  Before I start I'll say thanks for your comments and a hello to the new followers. It's nice (and a little worrying) to know that there are people out there who like reading this.
Today I am linking up with Lakota over at Faith, Hope and Charity Shopping for Ta-Da Tuesday,even though I haven't got anything much to Ta Da about. I have bought a few bits, (quelle surprise...)  found something of note down in the garden room and been somewhere different, so sort of Ta Da-ish.
Yesterday I had to go and have the dreaded neck injection, (really not too bad, would even have it done again and not be so scared) which meant going to St John's Wood. In an effort to make the day a tad nicer I thought I would get there a bit early and have a meander down the High Street. It is very nice indeed and even though it is bang in the middle of London (almost, two stops from Bond Street) it feels very villagey. No photos because my phone is from 1978 and I never think to take a camera out. Anyway, there are three charity shops. Not bad, if you really had time you could find something to wear in there and some reasonably good labels if you are into that. (I sort of am, if I am getting a bargain.) I didn't actually buy any clothes but I did linger round an off white M&S coat for some time. It had been reduced to a tenner and was in very good nick and very heavy, but I tried to be sensible and thought about how miserable it would make me (or Mr EF) carrying it home on two tubes and an overground train. Added to the fact that I was already negotiating my way round with a very tall fake hydrangea and had a jug and a saucer clanking about in my handbag. I thught I might look a bit of a mentaller turning up to have this procedure done laden down with charity shop bags. So I left it.
Anyway, here's the jug.

The flash went off in every photo this morning due to it being like November round here. I really liked this little jug, I think it's Crown Derby or Devon. I might let it live on the new dresser. Talking of the new dresser, I had The Subsidence Man round last week and I know I haven't told you the story but it's been a three year fight with The Scout's Association and the council about an oak tree and we have an outcome. This means that in the near future I am going to have to pack the whole house up ready to be strengthened and decorated. As much as I'm looking forward to having new ceilings, walls all repaired and painted and various other things mended, I'm dreading the packing. We might even have to move out for a bit if they find asbestos. So be warned, never buy a house near an oak tree. Especially if it has a TPO on it.

Right back to 'stuff.' At the weekend I was nosing round ebay, like you do, well like I do, and I was looking at patchwork quilts when all of a sudden I remembered a quilt I bought years ago in Primark. Really a lot of years ago. I wondered where it was and thought the best place to start looking was in the garden room. Found it straight away. Smelling a bit musty and lying half on the bed and half on the floor but there and looking ok. So I washed it, nearly killed my washing machine doing it and it has been on and off the line since Sunday trying to dry. (I've just had to dash out and get it in, it's raining again.)
It's huge and reversible and I forgot I had it! I'm not sure where it's going, probably back down the garden room but I'm glad I found it. And I was looking on ebay and thinking about buying one. Silly moo. I still can't believe I found this in Primark. I know it was more than ten years ago and I know I bought it in Gravesend but I can't remember how much.

The other thing I've been doing is putting books on my Kindle. We are going on holiday in about three weeks so I'm getting prepared. Not ironing or anything but buying books.

I'm quite excited that this will be the first year I haven't had to earmark half a suitcase for books and then when I run out have to check out what other people round the pool are reading and sidle up to them and ask if I can borrow their book when they've finished it. You can see how much I've been reading this year, seven books, absolutely woeful. Although I have read a couple of 'real' books too and have to say that however handy these Kindles are I still prefer holding a paper book in my hand. Perfect for holidays though and I used it on the train journey yesterday.

So that's me today, I will finish with a picture of my sewing machine. Look how pristine and unused it looks. I think I've had it about 25 years and it's probably seized up. It's been out of the garage for weeks and sitting on this chair waiting for me to have a go at making something. Pigs might fly eh!
Happy Tuesday!


  1. What a pretty jug..I like the colours, reminds me of pretty calendula flowers :)
    The quilt is lovely. It sure hasn't been the weather for drying things on the line has it..usually around this time of year I can get most of my laundry dried that way. This year the dryer has done most of the work. I still hold out hope that we are in for some hot sunny weather soon.
    Have a fab holiday, enjoy the books!!
    Magie x

  2. Glad your injection wasn't too bad, and lots of lovely finds! Saw a bowl similar to the jug yesterday and was nonchanantly wandering towards it,(as you do) when my friend picked it up and bought it!!! It was 50p, am still traumatised! Can't believe the quilt is from primark, it is lovely and probably cost about a fiver ten years ago. Know what you mean about kindle/books ... I love the feel and smell of books but have to take extra suitcase on hols just to accommodate my reading matter, so kindle definitely wins on that score! Feel really sorry for you about forthcoming upheaval, but you even make that sound funny! Lots of love, Claire xxx

  3. Glad the injection wasn't as awful as it sounds. The jug is so pretty - an excellent find. Our house suffered from subsidence but it wasn't anything to do with trees more to do with London clay soil. I must say that the upheaval wasn't as bad as I'd imagined but good luck anyway on that score. xx

  4. Hello,
    Beyond Black by Hilary Mantel is good too. It is quite dark, but I liked it. I have just ordered a book called O Caledonia by Elspeth Barker, that I have been meaning to read for years.
    I love all your finds. Your Primark quilt doesn't look very Primarkish.
    I have cup, tin and crochet cushion envy after reading your previous posts.
    Hope the tree palaver turns out well.
    Tracy xx

  5. Gah! Are you SURE that blanket was from Primark? I have been looking for something to replace my lovely, ruined (and ruinously expensive) patchwork bed throw I got from Habitat several years ago. I'd never have thought to look in Primark. I'd make something, but fear for how long it would take me, what with being surgically attached to my laptop and all.

    Trees things does all sound like a bit of a nightmare.

  6. Happy Tuesday! That jar is lovely. I love it. And boy the quilted blanket sure is huge and pretty. Love that! My husband and I got quite a few of hand quilted blankets that was from his mom's and some were even made from his grandma. We love it! :) That Singer machine reminds me of my grandma for sure. Visiting here!

  7. Oh boy, my house is surrounded by oak trees. Should I be worried? What the heck is TPO? Good luck on the packing bit.
    I'm glad to see your sewing machine has come out of hiding. Looks like she's ready for a test drive :D

  8. Well done on surviving your neck surgery whilst managing to do a bit of shopping on the way. I once returned from a funeral via Ikea. Well, I like to multi task and make the most of a trip.
    I zoomed in on your quilt hanging on the line just so that I could see how well they piece patchwork in sweat shops!! Not being funny (as if) as Primark is one of my 'must visit' places when I go back to the U.K. and, if I had seen that quilt in there 10 years ago, I would definitely have bought it too. You mustn't hide it in the garden room though - even if you just artistically fold it and arrange it artfully around your house somewhere. Anyway, when I zoomed in I notice that the lovely Manny is sporting a rakish bandana. So now you've started with the sewing perhaps that machine will get some use.
    Please tell me that those hydrangeas in the last pic are not the fake ones you were talking about. I have been searching for some realistic fake ones as people keep giving me dried ones which are beautiful colours but, after a few months, they start fading and falling to bits - I don't think they've dried them in the exact right way.
    Mr. T. uses his kindle all the time - well,commuting between here and the U.K. on the plane - and I see the attraction for holidays but, I am with you about holding (and sniffing) real books. Have you read Kate Atkinson's 'Behind the Scenes at the Museum'? It's one of my favourite contemporary novels and I always recommend it to everyone.

  9. Hiya Missy!
    Firstly, I am glad your nasty injection, wasn't nearly as bad, as anticipated...(or, is it that we are women and we cope.)
    Loved the sound of your shopping trip and all your bargains..
    The lovely quilt and the drying drama, is just me at the moment...
    Actually I may send out a Dove, as there has been so much of the wet stuff here...
    Thank you for popping over to mine and your best wishes for Dean are really kind!!
    Am off now to buy that lottery ticket...
    Love Maria x

  10. Hello Missy I enjoyed your post today very much! The quilt is amazing, lucky you remembered it! Love the pretty little jug too. Glad to see you are filling up your Kindle ready for your holiday.....they are amazingly good for travelling and when I got mine I was so excited....but like you I realised that I prefer holding a real book generally :)
    I hope you enjoy your sewing when you begin....in fact, I'm sure you will :)
    Helen x

  11. Mmmmm - that quilt is lovely. The colours! Just so pretty. Too good to be bunged in the garden room surely? Can't you find a spot for it where it can be used and admired? It really is a great thing to have.

    Love your vintage (yes, vintage) sewing machine. Go on, make something and show it off to us.