Tuesday, 24 July 2012

The Blog Award Post

Morning, ladies!
What spiffing weather we're having! Well here where I am anyway. After lunch, when I have to take Miss EF The Younger to her mate's for a sleepover, I am going to pitch myself up in the garden with a sunlounger and my patchwork, (oh yes... I'm still addicted and will do a post soon) and stay there for the remainder of the day. Make the most of it I say.
Anyway, I've been given a blog award by Kate at Granny Taught Me To Crochet. It's this one...
the One Lovely Blog Award. So thank you most kindly, Kate! Apparently I have to list seven things about myself and I have been wracking my brains trying to come up with some interesting stuff, so here goes.

1. I am a true cockney. Born within the sound of Bow Bells at Barts Hospital. Bow Bells are actually in a church in Cheapside, whose name escapes me, and not actually in Bow, where I have never lived and wasn't born. I suppose when the term cockney was coined, London was a much smaller place and more people lived in what is now The City. The City is now more a financial and business area with not much housing. Anyway, that's me a cockney, London is in my blood in a big way even if I no longer live there. My dad was 'on the buses' and so was my mum, they met when he was a driver and she was a clippie and then my dad went on to be a taxi driver. My mum was posh. She came from Kent!

2. I can tap dance. Not like Lionel Blair or anything but I have medals. Some from when I was a little girl and some from more recently. I've done shows and everything. Drunk, admittedly, but I've done them. Well wouldn't any adult in their 40s have to take the alcohol before getting on stage wearing a top hat and tails. I love the sound of tap shoes on a floor and if I didn't think I would look like The Roly Poly's I'd think about doing it again now.

3. I'm a flitter. My blog will testify to that. One minute I'm all over crochet, the next it's reading books like another one will never be printed, other times I fancy myself as a vintage and antiques dealer and buy anything not nailed down, then I'm painting furniture and filling the garage up with tat off ebay. At the moment it's patchwork. My new thing. Let's see how long this lasts. My mates all know this about me and crack up laughing when I'm all enthusiastic about my next interest.

4. I can't sing. I've never been able to. My aunt was a professional singer and various members of my family seem to have the gift but it never got passed on to me. I'm laughably bad although I like doing it. I generally only allow myself to belt one out in the privacy of my own car. Also I had an operation on my neck a few years back which involved pushing my voice box over to one side (nice) and since then I think my voice has gone more growly and actually disappears when I try to hit a high note. I'd like to think I sound like Mariella Frostrup but I probably don't.

5. One of the things I flitted at was writing. I still do it on and off, (not on this blog, it doesn't count) but not as much as I did. I've had a few short stories published, nowhere you would have heard of, but it sort of fizzled out. The need seemed to leave me but now and then it comes back and I have a little bash at something. One day I would like to write a book, but then wouldn't we all?

6. I don't like cooking. I do it because I have to provide dinners every day but I take no pleasure in it and think it's really, really, really boring. I don't mind making cakes sometimes but that's mainly so I can lick the spoon and I like cake. I like eating and I can graze all day but I'm not that interested in dinners.

7. I think I'm French. No, really. My maiden name is Huguenot, well it's not that but it's a Huguenot name and when I've been to France, which is not as often as I'd like to, I feel all normal and like I'm meant to be there and not in Essex. (Although I like Essex, well the bit I live in anyway.) I've been thinking about this and I think my nan might have had a bit of a French thing too because apparently when I was born and my mum named me Janet (the most boring name ever invented, sorry to any Janets out there) my nan suggested I was called Jeanette 'because it's French.' My mum refused and told her I was English and that was that. My nan was German so there is definitely a continental vibe going on somewhere inside me. I'd like to think that one day I might live in France but being realistic it's not very likely. I don't how a cockney would get on out there in real life!
So that's me.

Right I have to pass this on and I'm struggling a bit because after having a scoot round it seems that most of the blogs I read have it already but I will pass it on to,

I won't mind if you're not the awards type and would rather not take it.

Enjoy the sunshine!


  1. Congratulations on your award and your very interesting facts. Happy flitting.
    Love from Mum

  2. Congrats on your award! Oh you do make me laugh and your interesting bits were great - it's always a pleasure to visit here! Just wanted to say thanks for the comment on my dressing room, it does indeed appear that Emily has a cousin down South (that was pronounced 'dan salf' in my head all cockney-like)! So funny you should mention the Tommy Girl - I used to wear it years ago and *smelled* it on a girl at work recently. Decided I must get it again because I always loved it and had forgotten about it :) Tommy is going to get a spike in their sales figures purely based upon nostalgia I reckon!!


  3. Salut!!!
    I'm taking it baybee, I am TAKING it. Thank you so much, that is very lovely of you. Enchante.
    Thanks so much dear girl, you know I am a massive fan of your blog. You write similarly to me, I think we'd have a right laugh if we ever hooked up.
    I loved your facts big time.
    This is only brief as the Prince has piddled on the floor, the Princess has trashed her room, I am sunburnt and resemble corned beef, and I need to phone the husband.
    Enjoy your day, speak soon. Will attempt a blog post tonight, it's been a flippin' age.
    x x x x x x

  4. Hello Missy!(nearly said Janet) there...
    Well done you on getting this award! I can see why as well.
    I enjoyed reading those bits and bobs about you and the cooking thing, well we are birds of a feather ,me thinks.
    I am a flitter too, as I like to try my hand at every thing really!
    Thanks for sweety words over on mine, they were very interesting and I do hope that Stadium 'down your neck of the woods' gets finished in time!! hehe.
    Love Maria x

  5. Hi Missy
    Omg, when I read what you wrote at No 3 I could have sworn you are talking about me. It so fully describes the way I live, I never had a name for this disease before but I now know I am a FLITTER through and through :) xx

  6. Hi Missy,congrats on the award,well deserved,I'm so glad I found you!loved reading more about you.Enjoy the sun and the summer hols,bliss...

  7. Congratulations Missy, well deserved! Please write that book, I'd love to read it! Ada :)

  8. Lovely you got that award!

    And your facts are great too. I don't know if you'd get on living in France. Hubby tried it - he's a Londoner like you, born and bred - and although he loves France to bits he just couldn't get on with living there. So I came to live in the UK instead. France is very special though - I loved being there. Still miss it.

    That was such a cracking blog post - tres interesting. :)

  9. Congratulations on getting the award.

    There's something about being born and bred in London. There's always a part of it that always stays with you. Well, it has with me. Oh and the church, it's St Mary le Bow, in Cheapside as you quite rightly pointed out :)

    Ruby x

  10. Congrats on your award - I've only been a reader for a short time but think you deserve it.
    I'm from Saarf London and yes, there is always part of it that stays with you - in my case, the accent. Well, people I used to know when I was at school say I now sound 'posh' but, if I get angry or drunk the accent will out - especially if I get both at the same time which isn't often as, when in my cups, I sing and dance a lot and then go to sleep. Of course the French think I'm posh because I live in the deep South where they have an incredibly strong local accent and as you learn 'Parisian' french in U.K. schools, that is the sort of accent you end up with so, when they understand anything at all of what I'm saying, they think I'm a bit of a toff. Not to worry, Bastille Day is over and I'm still here. Anyway, if you learnt any French in school, come and live in the South and you too could 'pass for posh'.
    By the way - I bought some of those lovely Sia fake hydrangeas you had on another post but, this being the back of beyond, had to order them online and thought they were a bit expensive until I saw the size of the stalks. I had to bend them in 4 loops until they would fit in my vase. Look gorgeous though so thanks for that.

  11. I knew there was a writer in there somewhere, it's what I like so much about your blog! Congratulations on your award, and thank you for passing it on!

  12. Well done on your award...am a little late but thank you sooo much for passing it on to me, that is very lovely of you thank you :-)

    P.s I can't sing either it is my one big regret in life! actually none of us can, when my dad sings things actually keel over and die!! xxx enjoy the sunshine xx