Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Fings What I Have Bought.

Hello chaps!  Gorgeous day isn't it? I wonder how long this will last. I'm trying not to notice it too much in case it goes away. Thanks for all your lovely comments on the garden and hello to any new followers!

Anyway, today I thought I'd do a quick run down on Fings What I Have Bought. Well actually Some of The Fings What I Have Bought. As well as these charity shop and boot sale purchases I have also had a little tiny bash of the Cath Kidston website and a few books have found their way into my possession.  I need to get back to work before I skint myself with all this internet.com shopping. I've just been signed off for another month but have also had my medication doubled so I'll probably be too off my face to see the screen properly let alone order stuff.
Anyway, back to the Fings.
Firstly this little tea set. I bought this to sell. Honestly and truly, I had no intention of keeping it and still haven't. It's going in the vintage fair... (about 2039 then...) I actually do really like it and even more so because it's plastic, Gaydon Something Or Other. But I have nowhere really for it to go and it will end up in a cupboard somewhere and I like the thought of someone having it in their camper van and being all vintagey with it.

Great colour isn't it? And the saucers are oval! I loved them even more when I noticed that. And I really like the shape of the handle. (I'm talking myself into keeping these babies...)
The saucer, not sure if the shape comes out very well in a photo.
Please note the rust spots on the garden table. Not rusty enough to look French but just rusty enough to look crap.

Next up a little bowl. I don't normally go for these colours but the pattern is so delicate and I like it when you get a bit of decoration on the inside. A bit more for your money.
I have it on the dresser in the dining room. I have foofed that one up a bit after raiding it for the Mum dresser. I will show that in another post.

And this little pink pot. I love it. The rose on it, the sort of faded pink and the gold bits.

It's probably supposed to be on a dressing table but at the moment almost everything I buy is going on that new dresser. You know when you get something new and it's your best thing for a little while? Well that's what that dresser is to me.  I've just got past the stage of going out in the hall purposely to look at it but I do walk a little bit slower when I'm going past it and sometimes I light a scented candle so it looks nice in the evenings. Even though I can't see it, I still know. Daft mare.

Right, a vase. Bought to sell, but is a lodger on the dresser for the moment. I'm starting to like it on there so it might stay.
It's bright and it does look quite sweet. It's not washed up that well and I don't want to put it in the dishwasher in case the pattern comes off!

Little shaker, bought in the charity shop while waiting to meet my mate for lunch. He was standing outside the pub opposite the charity shop waving to me while I was paying. Busted!
There were actually three there and I forced myself to leave the other two but I sort of regret it now. This lives in French corner. (The Ikea bookcase nicked from daughter No2's room.)

Now all you buttony, vintagy people get ready. Found these in my mum's button tin. I bought a white linen shirt on ebay (BNWT, I got the lingo,) and thought the buttons looked a bit boring so I was hunting through mine and my mum's buttons to see if I could find any more interesting ones and came across these.
How blimming great are they? They are obviously now living on the New Dresser Of Lovely Things. I was all excited thinking that they had been in this button tin all the time and started digging through to see if there were any more but sadly not. Plenty not on cards but only these all on the card. I see my mum has used one. She used to knit all our jumpers and cardis so it was probably on one of those.

And now my new obsession. All Selina Lake's fault. I bought her book The Romantic Home and amongst all the lovely things in there (I had to ration myself, I kept getting the vapours at all the gorgeousness) was a picture of a group of glass candlesticks with pink candles. 'That's the very Billy for me,' I thought and set about hunting and gathering said glass candlesticks. The first day I set forth to my village and thought 'I'm going to get me a glass candlestick,' and I did. First charity shop, one sitting there, bought and in the bag. 'This is easy,' I thought. Since then I have scoured chazzas in Leigh on Sea, Rayleigh, my village again and couldn't find any. Then last Friday when I met my mate, I found one in the shop with the shaker and after lunch went in this dodgy furniture shop (melamine, New York skyline canvases and crappy silk flowers, we've all been there) and spied some on a table. After knocking over a topiary tree whilst climbing into the window to grab four of these candlesticks before anyone else got them (because there were hundreds of people fighting me to get them, you know how it is) the lady informed me she had some out the back and I needn't have clambered all over her window display. So, bought four and ordered two more from Simply Scandinavian along with three grey candles. Now I need four more grey candles or seven of a different colour or I might have three grey and three white or pink. It's these things my kids hate me for. I've been obsessing over these candlesticks for about a week now. Now I've talked about them for half hour I'll show you the photo.

I'm not sure if they are going to stay on this table but at the moment I am spending so much time on the armchair you can just see in the background that I am leaving them there because I like looking at them! They sparkle a bit and catch the light coming in through the French doors. I won't be able to stop buying them for a while if I see any more. They are a bit of an illness at the moment.

Last thing, the new border on the Garden Blanket. I'm doing a little bit at a time and I've had to modify it a bit (get me.. ) it looked a bit wrong, but I much prefer it to that bright pink. It fits in nicely and I like the laciness of the pattern. This was one of the easier edgings in the book. I'm taking a run up to the others.
So that's me this week, linking up to Lovely Lakota at Faith Hope and Charity Shopping with her felt brooch and her very funny indeed post. Do hop over and have a butchers, you won't regret it!


  1. Ooh lots of lovely goodies! I love your collection of glass candlesticks.Well found Mrs!
    I have a bit of an addiction/obsession with them myself. :0)

  2. Ha, I really did laugh at "not rusty enough to look French but just rusty enough to look crap"! Shabby chic is a cruel mistress ;-)

    Anyway, I do love the cups and would be tempted to buy them for a future camper van, now you've said it. Ooh that'd be nice, although I'd realistically need a camper lorry for us all to holiday in without it descending into bloodshed! And the candlesticks are gorgeous, I'm a big fan of glass candlesticks too. I'm having candle issues at the moment, need to find some that are wider than regular ones but not as big as church candles. My mum bought me some mercury glass candlesticks but they're an odd size. Any suggestions?

  3. Yep, Great treasure Missy!!
    You have talked your self into these goodies,I bet you keep them all!
    I love the pretty glass, looks Cath kidsonish...
    Have a week full of fun...
    Maria x

  4. Wow! I LOVE every single thing you bought, and your dresser must be ready to explode any day. Keep it all, I say!

  5. You are so funny. In the best possible sense, obviously !!
    Love those blue cups and saucers, no campervan here though so I think you should keep. Do you have any room left on the dresser I'm wondering? Thought not :)

  6. Oh wow, you sure did well, what lovely finds! I just love the teacups and the vase is just so pretty :)