Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Ta... Da...Tuesday!

Well hello! How have your Jubilee celebrations been? We met some friends down the pub on Sunday and had a thoroughly good old catch up. I was the designated driver because I'm still rattling with tablets, which was good because it meant yesterday I was up bright and early and had an afternoon mooching round Leigh Broadway with Miss Edith Florence The Younger. We had a lovely lunch and made a few purchases. and we both came home smiling.
Anyway, today I am linking up with Lakota over at Faith Hope and Charity Shopping to take part in Ta.. Da.. Tuesday.
Here is my Ta...Da...
I am going to apologise in advance for the photos. Regular readers will be aware that photography is not my strong point (an understatement, believe me...) but these are taken in my hallway where this photographer is relying solely on artificial light. One lightbulb in fact. That's my excuse anyway.
I give to you... My Mum's Dresser...

Bought from Argos about 17 years ago and made of pine. There are a couple of photos of it in an earlier post, it has been in my garage for a while waiting to be tarted up.

Bit of a close up. This is after I foofed and faffed with it for about an hour. I 'shopped my own house,' which is good fun. Found stuff I had, in the garage, nicked from the other dresser (which now looks rather carnagy and needs re-foofing) and had a little play. There are also a fair few bits of my mum's on there which seems quite fitting although I'm not making it into a shrine!
Right, about the paint. I used Annie Sloan Chalk Paint for the first time. I liked it. I reserved judgement after the first coat. I was expecting some sort of miracle to occur but it looked rather patchy and very, very chalky. After the second coat I liked it and after waxing I liked it even more. It is easy to use because there is no prep whatsover. I did give the dresser a good old wash down with fairy liquid before I started but apart from that zilch. The paint goes on well and I would use it again. The only problem for me is that I had to pay about seven nicker postage and packing because I can't get it anywhere near here. It hasn't quite reached my bit of Essex yet! The colour is Old White.
Just to give an idea on how the distressing looks. I don't like things toooooo distressed because I know it's a fake effect anyway but I think if it's overdone it looks too fake. (I know what I mean!) Whatever I paint, my first rule of distessing is Look For The Drips. Anywhere the paint has dripped I rub it off, or even pick it off. On this piece and with this paint it looks ok I think. After that I sort of look at the corners and edges and just rub a bit of paint off and try not to overdo it. This was easy to distress. I waxed first, not with Annie Sloan wax but with what I had in the garage. On with one old t-shirt and then buffed up with another. After that I rubbed paint off. I did go over some of the rubbed off bits with a spot more wax just to darken them a bit.
All in all I liked this paint and found it easy to use. I might try using two colours next time. (After I have taken out a mortgage for postage and packing.) It's worth it not to do all that boring rubbing down and priming. I have bored my kids to death by keep asking them if it looks good enough to sell and if I'm good enough at painting stuff to do it for a living. I have to say I'm happier than that geezer Larry when I have a paintbrush in my grubby little mitt.

A plethora of china!

Great home for the Ladybird books!
I'm still debating whether to put another row of hooks on that bottom shelf and I am also going to change the knobs when I see some I like. I tried to get Miss EF The Younger to come in B&Q with me yesterday but she had had enough, she was tired. Fifteen years old and gets tired going round a few shops. I fear for that girl where shopping's concerned I really do. No stamina.
More photos...
Please note that the contents of this dresser keep changing. It is getting fuller and fuller where I keep on finding things to put on it!
Another good thing is it is a handy bit of storage in the hall. It will soon be full of junk!
Anyway chaps, that's my Ta.. Da...
Do hop over to Lakota's for a butchers if you get a chance!

Oh yes, a tantalising glimpse of another Ta Da.. one of the crochet kind...

Check out the pink edging!

I will save it for another post!
Enjoy the holiday today, chaps.


  1. Be still my beating heart! Look at all the vintage china! Where's that follow button? I'm off to drool over more of your china.

    Madison xxx

  2. LOL, just read your profile and I could have written it myself. Half finished projects are my speciality.

    Madison xxx

  3. So many pretty china cups and saucers! And good job with the painting!

  4. Just found your blog - love it! I have recently brought loads of Annie Sloan, I used the old white to tart up a book shelf and couldn't make up my mind whether to paint my dresser with it, now I've seen your I like it and perhaps I'll go ahead. I found the paint dried really quickly though which made things troublesome (perhaps because I did it outside on a really hot day). Anyway (sorry about that) glad to find you, now following! Love Katie xxx

  5. I love your collection of china..I just adore the pretty plates, teacups and posies! You did a great job on the painting and the distressing. I have yet to try the Annie Sloan paint, though I have heard many people rave about it (perhaps next paint project, I will give it a go).
    Magie x

  6. Oh it looks great - just distressed enough, I've seen some horrible versions of shabby chic but this isn't one of them (really beautiful maple/walnut furniture painted green anyone?). I loved the Annie Sloan paint but it sure is pricey to get the big tins sent to you.

    I reckon it would be worth putting some more hooks on, there's plenty of room. Your country style teacups are lovely.

    Thanks for linking up x

  7. Dresser looks great!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  8. I wish I could find somewhere in my home to house a dresser! Yours looks lovely, isn't it fun finding things to add onto the shelves!

    Victoria xx

  9. Oh good for you painting the dresser! It turned out super. Your pretty china really stands out against the white. I love it!...and the pile of crochet blankets under the table too!

  10. You've done a brilliant job on the dresser...it looks fab!...and I'm drooling over all your gorgeous china,being a complete china nut myself...and with a dresser overflowing to prove it.I've read on a lot of blogs about Annie Sloan paint,but haven't tried it yet.Maybe I will,as it's all the prep that puts me off painting my pine one! :0)

  11. Aww lovely show of vintage treasure, Missy!
    It's funny my hubby won,t let me paint here at home and yet I paint furniture to sell in the little vintage shop I spend my hours and pennies in?
    Men I guess..
    Well done you, looks fab!
    Thanks for your kind comments over on my blog too! Maria x

  12. I love your beautiful cabinet and table, very nice indeed! Thanks for your lovely comments on my blog, you gotta love those F&B colours!! :)

    S x

  13. Lovely to find your blog, thanks for popping over to mine! I love the Annie Sloan paint you used on your dresser, and all the pretty china (and the bunny!)Your table looks beautiful too with the gorgeous crochet blankets :)
    Have a great weekend.
    Helen x

  14. Your mother's dresser is fab and all that china....I think I told you I'm very partial to china and jugs...not quite sure why jugs...just like the shape. My mother gave me some of Gran's china last time she was here on holiday....a little bit of Devon...cottage ware. I see you have some butter and cheese dishes...do you think I can find any over here ..I cannot tch!. Next trip home I dive into a car boot sale its great what you can pick up. I have heard alot about this Annie Sloan chalk paint and glory be from searching the www I find they now sell it in Spain too. great collection! Love the added touch of the granny square throws on the table .

    Keep well

    Amanda :-)

  15. That dresser is GORGEOUS, and I am looking forward to seeing the crochet blanket in full. Thanks for your comment on my blog - great to find another Mitford-interested bad lupin-grower, who'd'a thunk it?! Looks like we have lots of other common interests too. xx

  16. your dresser looks fabulous and i LOVE all the treasure displayed on it too :o)
    I have been hearing a lot about that paint, maybe i will give it a go next time.
    love jooles x

  17. Ooooh, I'm totally impressed, your dresser looks stunning! I've tried to revamp things and they just look shabby wthout the chic bit afterwards! I love your crochet blankets too. I found the most beautiful cream lambs wool blanket yesterday in a charity shop and am beside myself with joy! I love a good blanket to snuggle under! Big hugs, Em x

  18. This didn't show in my feeder thingy. Lush post, that girl. Naturally I zoom on the ladybird books.nwhich ones are they? Also,bwhy does one wax furniture after painting it? Reason I ask is because I have some things to do but never painted in my life. Seriously, not even a wall...........
    The dresser looks lush and I totes understood you re distressing.
    Right, I'm moving into your gaff, it looks gorge. X x x x