Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Ta -Dah Tuesday Again!

Hello, chaps!  Has a week really gone by already? How fast was that? Just want to say thanks for all your lovely comments on my last post. I'm still faffing a bit with that dresser and have re-foofed the other one, (the one just in the background of the picture below) and might make that another post. By the way, I don't have a dresser in every room. Just some of them. And I don't live in a mansion. If I buy any more furniture I will have to use a shoe horn and a packet of butter to oil it in with.
 Anyway, today I am linking up with Lakota at Faith, Hope and Charity Shopping for Ta- Dah Tuesday. Do pop over and say hello and have a look at her fab picture.

Right, I am unvieling the new blanket, tantalising glimpses of which could be seen on the shelf of the table in my last post!
Rubbish picture, but hey, what's new?
It was hard to take photos today as the light is so bad, (yeah right...) but you get the gist of it anyway. I made this from mainly wool I had knocking about with just a couple of extra balls thrown in. I have tons left and really would have liked to make this bigger but I ran out of that duck egg bluey green that I used to edge and join with and couldn't get any more. As it was I had to do the edging (I'll come back to that,) in a different colour. It's all double knit, mainly acrylic, picked up from here there and everywhere based on colour. I wanted this one to be a bit girlier and prettier than the last one and to feature a few more pinks and greens. In real life, it reminds of a garden. (That's my attempt at being arty farty.)

From the other end of the table.

Foldy Uppiness
I've spread it out on the dining room table, mainly because the bed isn't made. It's 2.21pm and I have unmade beds. What a slob! My excuse is that I returned to work today. The hurty arm of pain has made a bit of improvement, probably not enough to be back at work but I feel guilty. And I want to see the year 6s before they leave. I'm doing a phased return so it's gently does it.
As I'm doing this, the photos are all coming out in the wrong places and any minute now I am going to throw the laptop across the room.
In the wrong place but hey ho!
Right, trying again...

I will do a bit of writing to see if the next photos come out right!
Could do bettererer
Right, the edging. Not happy with it and will be ripping it out and starting again. I can't yet because I have had to step away from the crochet again for a bit as it wasn't doing the arm much good at all. I sort of wanted something a little bit fancy on this but whenever I try to do that the edges and corners curl up. I thought I'd be satisfied to leave it but I won't. I bought a book last week chock full of the prettiest edgings ever so I will use one of those when I get round to changing it.
Kurly Korners

Blimey, these photos are going where they fancy, so this post is all over the shop. I might try one more just before the end. I might sneak it in while Blogger isn't looking.
So, The Garden Blanket, I might call it that. Happy with it, apart from the edging and wish it was a row or two bigger!
I had plans and made three squares of the next one but I've left it now and will go back to it another time.
Last week I bought the Cath Kidston, Stitch! book. It's ages since I've done cross stitch but I might have another little bash at that.
Hope you're not getting too fed up with all this rain. I may write to The Queen soon and request some sunshine.
Happy Tuesday!
Ha ha- foiled you, Blogger!


  1. It's lovely, I'd be happy with it and its Kurly Korners, but then I am more slapdash and less skilled than you are. The greeny-bluey-grey colour (gosh, WHY don't I write for a living?) pulls it all together nicely.

    I really must get my act together and attempt this blanket which I put on my to-do list for the year. Too much time reading blogs.

    Glad your arm is getting better. My eldest had a whole half day back after half term yesterday before I got the call from the school. He'd managed to develop chicken pox spots in the 3 hours he'd been away from home...

  2. Shame on you for being such a slovenly housewife ...lol

    I so wish this blasted rain would go away, too. Your garden blanket looks very nice. I think that duck egg blue ties in all the colours very nicely.

    I know what you mean about the curly corners. Don't dismiss it just yet though. You could try blocking the corners a bit, that may help. Sometimes it settles down after the blanket has gone through a wash cycle.

    Ruby x

  3. Love it , including the border & curly corners. All my blankets had curley corners that just learned to behave after a while
    Lol Karen x

  4. I think your granny square afghan is gorgeous, curly corners and all! And as to the rain, it has me seriously reconsidering my immigration status....

  5. Great blanket - I wouldn't have the patience to pull out the edging - give it an iron and it will be fine! Having said that I pulled out 3 rows of my zig zag blanket again because I'd made another mistake. So glad the arm is getting better. Take care.
    Love from Mum

  6. Unmade beds are a good thing - all that fresh air to the sheets and stuff is poison to dust mites. :)

    Love the blanket - would not change a thing.

  7. I LOVE your blanket, especially the blue gray color around the blocks. Only good thing about your wet, cool weather is you can use your new blanket for a while longer. I'll see what I can do about sending you some heat and sun from Calif. I think we have extra this week : )

  8. Hiya Missy,
    Yep don't worry the bed issue is the same in my house also!
    Am loving your crochet blanket, you have inspired me to get my hook out again...
    Thanking you kindly for your very lovely comment, over on mine, the tiles under the kitchen chimney breast,were collected and stored under my bed for 5 years, prior to kitchen getting a make over!
    Wishing you a super week.
    Maria x

  9. I think it looks absolutely wonderful!

  10. Your Garden blanket is very pretty..love the colour choices! Enjoy the Cath Stitch book, I have that one as well and really like it. I used one of the cross stitch rose bunch pattern's in it, to make a few cushion covers with (I kept one and made the others as gifts). Do share anything you end up making with it :)
    Happy Stitching!!
    Magie x

  11. Thanks for popping by my blog and taking the time to leave a comment :) I definitely have it out on show at the moment, I must admit, I do like looking at it!

    Love your beautiful blanket, great colours.

    S x

  12. Very pretty blanket. I like the colours. xx

  13. Beautiful! Thanks for your kind comment ... although I am one of your followers, you're not coming up on my blog roll (have I made that word up?) and I keep missing your posts! We can't have that ... any suggestions? xxx

  14. You've made me laugh with your lovely post. And I love the edging on your brilliant blanket .. keep it, I say!

  15. Love your post and your humor Missy....and anyhow who makes beds!!!
    Its a gorgeous blanket and I am glad you have unrolled the blanket I couldn't peek so well while it was rolled up under the table top.
    How about steam blocking the edges that'll sort it after all its only a little bit.

    keep well

    Amanda :-)