Sunday, 7 August 2011

And there's more...

What a lovely Sunday morning! And a good time to show you the rest of the stuff I bought last week. Please note I already have one load of washing in the machine, have hung out another lot, have started on the very last square of the blankie, (three squares didn't make the cut, they grated on me) and am on my second cup of tea.
Right, here we go.

More plates! My sister and I shared these, three each. I really must start thinking more seriously about a tea shop. I really liked the turquoise on these. I don't think they are particularly old but I liked them anyway.
More green glass. You find one bit then keep seeing it don't you? That's what happens to me.
Very happy with this find, two large plates, one bowl and a gravy jug. I will have a plethora of mis-matched gravy boats on the table next time we have a roast dinner. (It's been a while, believe me...) Notice the teaset from last week still sitting on the worktop in the kitchen. Some of it is on the dresser now, the rest stuffed into an overflowing cupboard to make friends with all the others.
Ladybird Love! And all in one shop! And all for about 29p each! Can't get better than that!
Vignetting with Pyrex. Ok, I know I said I wouldn't do that but grey Pyrex! Who knew? I flipping well love this little bowl, I wanted to lick it. (Once I had washed it obviously.) The wool (yarn, I can't say that without feeling poncy) was a bargain. I think it was £1.99 a pop in a wool shop in Deal. Another photo of its cottony, grey, Farrow and Ballishness.
I am in love with this and have started crocheting myself a scarf. Trouble is I won't have enough so I have to change my plans. I was cobbling together my version of a bobble blanket that I saw on someone's (can't remember who now) blog and a square from Jan Eaton's book. I'm on the lookout for a good scarf pattern for this now.
The squares.
This was as of about Friday. Progress has been made since then and I almost have it crocheted together. I did that standy out, seamy thing from the Cute and Easy crochet book and rather like it. Once I have this last one made, I can finish it off. Hope to have this done later tonight. I'm itching to get onto the next thing now.
And lastly, this...
My sister bought this in a shop in Canterbury a couple of months ago, but has decided it doesn't really suit the plans she had for it. I agreed wholeheartedly that it would look vile in her flat when she said she might give it to me! So far I don't know what I'm doing with this. Sewing is not really my thang, so at the moment it is folded up in a bag and taken out to be admired every now and then. I flipping well love it though and will find something to do with it. I was thinking of perhaps using it to line the bag I want to crochet, I'll see.
Right I'm going to toddle off and finish the last square. Happy Sunday, Campers!


  1. Hello:
    This is a really jolly post which we have much enjoyed reading over our rather late breakfast [we are an hour ahead of you!].

    Well, we should not refuse house room to any of your finds, some lovely things, and are now inspired when we return to the UK for a few days later this week to spend time trawling the charity shops - if you have not got there before us!!

    Your sister's material would, we think, look wonderful as the inside lining of a bag. Or, if enough, as a cushion cover?

    Have a good Sunday - and we hope that you have some time to carry on with your crochet.

  2. Love all your finds. You're my kind of lady. The colours of your material go well with your granny squares.
    Love from Mum

  3. Hello!

    Good to "meet" you! Thank you for leaving such a lovely message. I feel I must warn you, the bobble stitch is a little addictive and a real yarn gobbler.  I'm seriously considering doing another bobble blanket as I loved doing it so much!

    I did laugh out loud atvyounwantingnto lick the bowl, very funny phrasing. I'm reading this on the iPad in the sunshine and I am squinting like bonkers so I'll be back when in blighty again.


  4. You did well on the buys :) I like the grey pyrex bowl..I haven't seen that design before and what a lovely colour the wool is (great price as well!).
    The rose fabric is so share a photo of what you end up making with it :)

  5. Such pretty progress you are making with the stack of squares. I really adore the grey Pyrex,too! My fave baking bowls are vintage Pyrex. Glad to have found your blog today. Look forward to visiting again soon! =)

  6. Oooo, really like your vintage finds. Grey Pyrex? -Fabulous!
    Lovely wool finds, too. Could you consider making a cowl if there isn't enough for a scarf?