Monday, 1 August 2011

Summer Project?

This is the summer house/garden room/games room/dust hole at the end of my garden.
A peek at it through the arch as you approach it from the garden. It is hidden by a row of conifers and a quite a nice wall that I pretend looks French.
These are as you get through the archway. In the pictures it looks all shadowy and woodlandy and quite romantic, in reality it is weed ridden,overgrown with brambles and a major risk to the feet when venturing down there in flip flops. (Of course, I did.)
We did paint the outside three years ago just to make sure it didn't collapse from non paintage and I also made the old man tear down a corrugated plastic roof that was over the decking because it made it so dark. The problem now is that the deck and the ballustrade are smothered in squashed greengages, leaves and if you're really lucky you might find a dog poo.
Right, the inside.
Quick breather before the next lot. As you can see the inside is fairly neglected. The girls have sleepovers down there sometimes and I have relegated The Old Man's Arsenal and racing pictures and trophies down there. There is also a dart board that I bought him once thinking we could turn it into a games room. Two old tellies live down there, and various pieces of furniture.
Some more pictures.
When we moved here my intention was to make it into a Cath Kidstonesque, vintage haven for me. I was going to write my book down there(oh my aching sides...) and have all sorts of bunting, china, and loveliness around me. But I sort of gave it up in favour of letting the rest of them have it for a games room. They hardly go in there. I am thinking of claiming it back.
The view from the back. I'm ashamed to say that I had to fight my way through to get these pictures. There was once a veggie patch up there but it's too dark anyway to be all the productive. There is actually another little brick built shed/outbuilding up there that I have never been into! It has a stable door and I reckon they had pigeons or some other sort of livestock in there at one time. Miniature livestock as it's only small. Once when she was younger Teenage Daughter #2 asked me in a very loud voice while we (I) was browsing round an antique market if we could buy a horse to put in 'our stable.' Wishful thinking, mush!
Every summer I toy with the idea of clearing out the inside and painting it all white and making it into a more useable space. But, there's so much of it and I wimp out at the thought of all the work. Also the outside needs a massive clear up, we tend to use behind it as a dumping place for the trimmings when we have a cut back in the garden. There is a sort of log store or something behind there.
I feel quite energised in a way just by taking the pictures and thinking about it so I might go up there today and make a little start. Oooh dear, I've started something now!

And now on a more random note, a picture of me and Teenage Daughters at the 50th birthday bash we went to on Saturday night.
I'm the blonde with the big arse.
We know how to enjoy ourselves. Apparently Teenage Daughter #1 spent a great deal of her holiday in Malia doing this in the street with her seven mates lying on top of her. It is called planking and I rather like it. Never one to miss an opportunity to make a fool of myself I thought I would have a go and I got the girls to join me. By this time I had obviously had a few sniffs of the barmaid's apron...

Have a good day, ladies.


  1. Claim it back, claim it back! It looks like a retro village hall, the kind you see in Country Living. Kick everybody else out and have a really good play in it. Then clear out behind it and have your own secret garden. I wish I could come round and play!
    Love from Mum

  2. Yes, I agree..claim it back! :) That is one good sized summer house ( I am super envious!!). I think it would look great with the walls painted white..I like the blue colour you have around the window frames and door :) If you do tackle the share photo's along the way..I would love to see them :)

  3. Hello ladies, yes I think I am of a mind to claim it back. Today I have sat in the garden thinking about it! My excuse was it was too nice and sunny to start lugging stuff about up there, it was a day for being outdoors. Next time we have a bit of cloudy weather I am going up there to make a start.
    That green, magie, was already there and I like it too. I think I would keep it and just give it all another scrub down.
    I feel all motivated now!
    Thank you for your comments.

  4. Neglected? It looks pretty good to me, I'd LOVE a space like that, again with the idea of writing a book, but I'd probably just sit in there drinking wine, reading blogs and trawling Ebay!

  5. Well, I am hooked on your blog already, after just reading this post. (probably the the shot of you on the table did it for me- a girl after my own heart (after a few shandies, obviously)!
    Get that gorgeous summer-house-y-crafty-workshop working for you, girl!

    Anyhoo, am off to read your other posts and will be your newest follower so you can make me laugh often!
    If you have the time, do pop over and say hi at my end of bloggylnd- I love thrifty finds and crafty makes and will have a large glass of wine waiting for you!

  6. Definitely claim it, claim it. The blogging will spur you on. By the way, did you know your last photo can be enlarged?????!

  7. Oh my goodness Missy - your posts always make me smile, but this one had me laughing my rear off!!! I love the pic of you planking after your birthday bash!!! Blahahaha!! Hope you had a wonderful birthday party!!!

    I definately think you should reclaim your space. I would love to have a place of solitude!!


  8. Hi Missy - just found you via Annabooshouse.. thank goodness! I covet your garden room (I was going to say shed, but it soooo much more than a shed)....I would definately be reclaiming it..and if you need an incentive, think of all the fantastic bloggy bits you coud do as it becomes yours again.. and all the support you would get... this may be a bit selfish of me, after all you would be doing all the work and we would just be watching...but I do love a good, 'before and after' :)x

  9. Hi Missy - oh my what i wouldnt give for a space like that! You got to claim it back girl! Its going to be amazing! Scarlett x