Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Blankie reveal and Adios

The blankie has landed.
I have taken bundles of pictures of it and tried to do it all artified in the garden where the light was better.
Manny on guard duties.
I think I will miss doing this one. Heavily inspired by a blanket I loved on the blog Cozy Things and the blue comes from a cushion I love on Hen's blog. The edging is from Lucy at Attic 24. It's not perfect, I found a few wrong bits when doing the edging, but my inner Amish told me to leave them.
I am aiming to improve next time!

This is my last blog for a bit because for the next two weeks I will be on holiday. I am aiming to do this...
Off to Gran Canaria for two weeks, which will give me plenty of time to get used to being 50. It is my birthday tomorrow and I'm still getting used to the idea of being old enough to participate in offers in adverts by Michael Parkinson and George Layton. Plenty of free Parker pens for me now then. I am looking forward to relaxing with my family and doing plenty of reading and making a start on my new blankie.
Right, toodle pip, chaps. Have a good couple of weeks!


  1. Beautiful blanket. Well done you! Enjoy your holiday. Adios. xx

  2. Have a FAB holiday Missy, I will miss your posts while you're gone! I love your blanket, the colours are just perfect - happy and cheerful and they go beautifully together. What yarn did you use? Enjoy your reading and sunshine and getting used to being fifty! I hope you have a wonderful time x

    PS thanks for the encouragement with my blanket, I hope to have made a bit more of a dent in it by the time you get back!

  3. Happy Birthday!!!!!!

    Your blanket turned out beautiful - listen to your inner Amish and do not change a thing!!

    Hope you have a wonderful holiday!!

    See you when you get back!


  4. Have a very Happy Birthday tomorrow, and have a lovely holiday! :)

    I am suffering from a severe case of 'Granny Square Blanket envy'..I love how it has turned out..just love the colours!

    Have fun!!

  5. Happy birthday! Enjoy your holiday. The granny blanket turned out magnificently. The colors are a burst of loveliness!

  6. Hello Edith
    You sure sound very similar to me, hand-painted furniture, a love of books, crafting and also hitting the big 5 - 0 , which I just got through in April :)
    Happy Birthday, Lovely Holiday and thank you for following my blog!!

  7. Hope you had a wonderful birthday and are enjoying a lovely relaxing holiday. Your blanket is gorgeous, I'm in the middle of making one at the moment, I hope it turns out half as nice as your's. What a cute pooch.

  8. Beautiful blanket! I think it's absolutely perfect, and right you are about jumping over the tiny mistakes and getting on with it. Snuggle up and enjoy! :)

  9. Ohoh, so very nostalgic for me. My grandmother made this plaids also.

    Beybey, Sylvia

  10. Now there's lovely! Your blankie is just beautiful. I love to knit and am currently knitting squares for a granny blanket. I learned to crochet earlier this year but am still a bit awkward wtih it, my fingers ache after one square! Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog, your blog is gorgeous and I'm glad to have found you. Em xx