Friday, 5 August 2011

Flower Power

Don't you just love these? I do. I could sit and stare at them all day. I can feel a new addiction starting and at a couple of quid a pop I'm happy to go along with it.
Today the one just above is my favourite. I love the tiny weeniness of the flowers and all the colours together.
I love the ones in coloured pots or vases. So far I have a pink pot (with gold round the feet which makes it double gorgeous) and a green pot. We saw one in a blue pot but the guy wanted £8 for it so I walked.

I'm more drawn to the pinky, greeny, yellowy ones so I might, (only might) give my cousin the white daffodilly one. She was after it on Tuesday but I meanly held on to it because I was so excited at finding so many in one place. Now I've had a chance to look at them properly (and lick them, bite them and lay on them for a little while because they make me so happy) I feel a little more generous.
The tiny chips here and there don't bother me in the slightest, a little nan may have done this whilst dusting them which adds to their charm.
Have another butchers...

At present they are all very unimaginitively lined up on my kitchen windowsill waiting for their final homes.
They make me smile!


  1. Hello:
    What pretty miniature flowering bouquets these little pots make, and how lovely they look when clustered together. Can one have too many? We think not. We shall watch your collection grow as Followers.

  2. I can understand why they make you smile - they're great! I've only got 1 (so far!).

  3. Jane and Lance, thank you for your comment and I agree, the posies look lovely when they are in a group and I am thinking of finding a space somewhere to keep them together. I am now your newest follower by the way!
    And Sarah, thank you for your comment too and keep looking in the charity shops! Now I'm looking I keep coming across them.

  4. Hello again:
    Just a note to say thank you so much for your wonderful comment on our blog to which we have replied. We are so pleased to welcome you as a Follower and have so enjoyed reading your past posts.

    Fingers crossed for the Euromillions!!!!!!

  5. pretty ( I am jealous!) have such a sweet collection of them. I would have a hard time picking a favourite, as they are all so lovely. I had found one at a boot sale a few years back..I loved it, but I made the mistake of putting it near the bathroom sink, where is fell (into a zillion pieces). Why are the prettiest things, also the most fragile :P