Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Back in Blighty

Hello lovelies. This time last week I was here...
Now I'm home, back to rainy, cold nastiness.
While I was away I did this,
and this,
Thank you to my model, Cecile.
Since I have been home I have done this,
but have semi abandoned these now ater a visit to the curtain/bedcovers/ wool shop yesterday where purchases were made.
I have also started this,
which although quite effective to look at is as boring as arse to do. Also it is infuriating as it doesn't matter how hard I try and count and check, the bobbles never line up in the right places. Hey ho, when (if) it is done, I won't be holding it up for an inspection, the effect will be the same even if some the bobbles are a millimetre or so out. (Inner Amish speaking now.)
My sister gave me this,
I was going to paint it but I rather like it as it is. If it does get the paint treatment it will have to get on the back of the queue behind a coffee table, two pine wardrobes and a chest of drawers. So I love it how it is.
It was going to be in the carzy for loo roll but I have employed it in Wool Corner. It is rammed to the top with bags full of half finished projects and balls of wool.
Since being back I have managed to have an amble round the boot sale where I bought these,
Three quid spent and I was a happy little bunny.
Also got these in the charity shop yesterday,
So that's been my week.
Before I go, the picture my sister bought me for my birthday.
Loveliness and I will put it up soon. Promise.
Oh yes and if anyone has a notion of buying Dawn French's book, please stop yourself. Take yourself by the hand and lead yourself firmly out of the shop. Tie your purse up so you can't. If a book doesn't grab me pretty quickly I give up, life is too short (especially when you're flipping well 50) to read books you don't like. Fair enough. I can do that and not pass comment, but this offering was dire. Really. I gave it away on the plane before we were out of British waters. Sorry Dawn. Like you and all that, but deary me...


  1. You're definitely my kind of lady. My you have been busy on holiday. Time for a rest now I should think.
    Love from Mum

  2. Welcome Back!!! I hope you are well rested and had a great vacation - hope to hear more about it!!

    I love the very first picture of the squares you crocheted - glorious colors!!

    And you are a shopping diva!! Love the white tea pot!!

    Hope all is well


  3. Hello:
    Gosh what a shock to be back in the UK after that glorious sea, sand and swimming pool. We do so hope that you had a wonderful time.

    Your scarf modelled by the stylish Cecile loks very pretty and we should love your Tapioca tin. And, what a treasure your Lloyd Loom laundry basket is. It is perfect, in our view, exactly as it is but we should certainly give it a prominent spot in the bathrom rather than tucked away out of sight.

  4. Welcome back, what a shame to leave such a sunny shiney place. I love your scarf, it reminds me of an Anthroplogie one I've seen on Pinterest - pretty!

    Nice to see you at my place today, thanks for stopping by!

    S x

  5. Welcome back! It sure looks like you have been busy with the crochet projects! I like the flower crochet granny squares and the scarf is just lovely..I am sure it will get a lot of good use with the cooler weather here.

    You sure found some pretty things at the bootsale!

    Thanks for the advice on the book. I am quite a picky reader as well. I usually get my books at the library, that way if I can't get into them, I haven't spent any money on them.

    Have a great weekend :)

  6. Mmm, swoooooon, your vacay pics are delectable! Now you'll have to live on the memories until next time...I love all your granny goodness! :)

  7. Love the colours in your crochet - beautiful. Love the tea pot too!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  8. your last bit about DF made me chuckle. i lothe a disappointing book.

    How funny, you don't enjoy your bobble making. I loved doing my bobble blanket so much I made a tutorial on it! But then I quite like a bit of mindless crocheting. Probably explains why I keep getting a bit stuck with knitting.

    Your bed looks like heaven. I'd love to sink into that right now...sooo tired today.

    Hope your holiday lethargy you mention over at mine has gone. The holiday looked divine. No wonder you felt a bit blah on your return


  9. Hi Missy

    Welcome back. You have been amazingly productive since I last stopped by with your crochet ~ the squares are gorgeous and the colours are so bright and cheerful. I've been back for two weeks and it feels like I've never been away. Happy hunting, looking forward to seeing your next lot of goodies (I wonder whether there will be any wool included ~ lol!)

  10. Lovely things you made.

    Have a very nice day,

  11. Thank you so much for your lovely comment! I love your scarf, beautiful color.. The picture your sister gave you is so pretty !! Have a great day !

  12. Hi from California! Just found your blog through Cozy Things and had a fun visit. LOVE your grey scarf. I'm your newest follower!

  13. Am very much liking that scarf and your grannies, too!
    Great thrifty finds, but I am most in love with that pic your sister bought for you.
    Very, very pretty.

  14. Thanks for the sweet comment - sorry I did not explain it well enough.

    Perspective is everything - here I am rejoicing that it finally cooled down to the 80's and you are wishing it would warm up to that!!! The one time I was in England - Portsmouth area - I about froze the whole time!!! But I truly enjoyed it! It was amazingly hot here then too!!

    Thanks for stopping by and again I am glad you are back safe and sound from vacation!