Saturday, 30 July 2011

Tea sets, plates and retro afters

Morning, chaps!
As promised, this week's haul. It's been a fruitful few days and my purse is staying firmly in my bag today. As I am still in my dressing gown and have to dye my hair and tidy up my eyebrows before a big 50th birthday bash tonight, it won't be too hard. I am staying indoors today just to be on the safe side. There was a fleeting moment this morning when I realised I hadn't given the three chazzas in my village the once over for about a week, but I knew that would mean walking past the ironmonger/wool shop and I realised it was far too dangerous.
Wool Corner as of yesterday. (Some of it is hidden in bags.)

More than enough for one person who knows that before long the crochet bug will pass, don't you agree?

Right on to the exciting bits.
Tea set bought yesterday in Strood in Kent for a fiver. No sugar bowl and no plates (I'm so short of a plate... ha ha)but worth buying for the cake plate and the milk jug and it's prettiness. Please note the absolute gorgeousness of the flowers painted inside the cups. I swooned a little bit in the shop when I noticed. It made me more happy than it should have.
Nice or what? How could you leave it there for a fiver? I'm not sure if it's all handpainted but the little orangey blobs definitely are so I didn't risk it in the dishwasher I actually washed it all up by hand which is a novelty for me I can tell you.
Next the Pyrex.
I liked it, it reminded me of Christmas with the snowflakes, even though they're black. No lid but I don't know if it's meant to have one. I've never found a bit of Pyrex with a lid yet. Since I have been looking for this stuff it seems to be getting quite hard to come by which makes it even better when I find a nice bit.
Now plates from Leigh on Sea on Thursday. My heart was beating all fast when I saw these.
These may be my most favourite plates I have ever bought. The colours are lovely and they probably don't show up too well in my David Baileyesque pics. Adore them and actually kissed one this morning while showing them to Teenage Daughter #2's mate who stayed last night. The mate said this morning she loved our house because it felt cosy. I interpreted that into she loved our house because it is always untidy/ messy/ faintly grimy and you are allowed to put your drink down where you want without a coaster. Although this week I have been using this in honour of Amy.
Next up, another plate. The colours drew me to this because they zing and I love pink and green. Best bonus was it was 50p and when I turned it over I fell in love with the writing on the back and wish I could display it back to front.
I took the photo before it went through the dishwasher so it looks a bit dirty. Great writing though, eh?
Bought this picture in the same shop as the ivy plate, it was £2. Loved the poppies on it and even the frame is ok. Black plastic but I kind of like it and will hang it up when I find a bit of space for it.
Set of scales given to me by my sister. In a sort of swap for a table I painted. She also has a Lloyd Loom washing basket that she is giving me that I am very excited about. I may paint these scales yet, I'm not over keen on the flowers.
Also purchased in Leigh was a white, very white indeed, damask tablecloth for £1.99. I nearly did a little jump for joy when I found it. It has a little bit of red embroidery in one corner of the inside so I reckon that is a laundry mark and it comes from a hotel. It has a lovely pattern on it of garlands. It is on the washing line at the moment so no photo.
Now not a charity shop buy but bought from a lovely shop in Leigh on Sea called Mad Dogs and Englishmen. My lovely friend gave me a voucher for my birthday and I bought this.
I had great fun choosing something but nearly fell on this because I have been looking at these little mirrored trays in the An Angel At My Table catalogue (along with millions of other things, there is dribble on the pages believe me) so to get two one on top of the other in a cake stand stylee was fab. The plate behind this was another birthday present. I had spotted it in a market in Hythe but couldn't find the person in charge of the stall so left it. My cousin went back and bought it and wrapped it up for my birthday. How lovely is that?
Back to the chazza stuff.
Shoes, lovely ones, never worn, in my size for £5.99.
I do love a two tone shoe. My wedding shoes were navy and white from Austin Reed (registry office do) and I wish I had looked after them and kept them because I know I'd still wear them now. I might wear these tonight to the bash because I am wearing cream trousers and a black and cream top and some of my Wallis bling so will be a good match.
Finally, last night's retro afters.
Greengage and over ripe nectarine crumble. (Packet mix from Tesco... shoot me.) With heavenly evaporated milk. It is only me who likes crumble, greengages, nectarines and evaported milk so we know where this is going to end up.
Oh my word, what a mammoth post. I hope I haven't bored you. It's quite lovely to have people to show my buys to, other than my sister, who don't think I'm a mental cow or turn their nose up at the thought of entering a charity shop. I also noticed that I have seven followers now! Blige me, I'm not talking to myself! How nice. Thank you for putting up with the waffle if you are reading this.
Have a smashing weekend!


  1. Oh my goodness - your vintage finds are amazing!! I love the little orange flowers inside the tea cups. But my favorite is the plate with the writing on the back.

    I hope you have a wonderful time at your birthday bash!!!


  2. This post was fab and not boring in the slightest! The plates are just beautiful. And as soon as I saw the pyrex I shouted (out loud) CHRISTMAS! It's so festive! You have fab taste. I keep meaning to trawl my local chazzas, but it needs to be on a weekend and I don't want to be hindered by an OH who doesn't share my appreciation for second hand tat! Also, I can't get enough of greengages at the moment. They are divine. Greengages and flat peaches. Enjoy your crumble! :)