Sunday, 26 June 2011

Early Morning Crochet

This morning, due to a fly buzzing round my head, I was up incredibly early, 6.20am to be exact. After a cup of tea I decided I would do some crochet. Now I can do this, granny squares, bring it on, making granny blankets, easy peasy, but I've never followed a pattern. My mum showed me how to do it when I were a lass and my sister gave me a quick brush up on it last year. I can crochet granny squares till the cows come home without looking at a pattern. Actually I'm not that bad at it, I have a selection of blankies (all small, I get bored easily) to prove it.
On my birthday last year, when I was in the full throes of my granny blanket obsession, my friend bought me this book for my birthday

And this morning I decided I would find one clearly marked with one crochet hook, (the easy ones) and have a go. This is the one I chose.

I was going along quite nicely for a while, even undoing the first proper round because the holes didn't seem to line up. 'Pattern, shmattern,' I thought. I had it tumbled. When I got onto round five I took a small breather and had a proper look... well deary me, I had this wavy, holey, not lining up, looking nothing like the pattern excuse for a square.
After ripping it off the hook,biting it, throwing it round the room a few times, laying it carefully on the floor then jumping on it, this is what I had left.

I ought to have jumped straight back on and tried again but instead I listened to The Clash and The Libertines on my ipod and cleaned the fridge in the garage.
Perhaps I will have another go later and find an easier one that's not so holey.
Happy Sunday!

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  1. I hate trying to follow a crochet pattern!! Yours looks much better than mine usually do!

    Thanks for your sweet comment - my sis and i had a blast!! Serious retail therapy,too!!