Thursday, 23 June 2011


Photos as promised...

The £2.50 Jubilee mug and a little trinket box that I bought for 50p.

5p enamel bowl in which my Jcloth and scourer now reside and my favourite buy, a lovely green enamel bowl with a lid that I bought for £1 in a place near Dover.

The £1 jug. I can't believe I ummed and ahhed over this. Dozy mare.

Jug from charity shop in Canterbury, cutlery from junk shop in Hythe.

Teapot from Charity shop in Leigh on Sea, condiment set from bootsale in Rayleigh and tea strainer was my nan's. (Edith Florence.) Thanks, nan. x Key from my auntie's (late auntie)bck door in Dalston.

My fingers are crossed that this came out ok. Pyrex another day.

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  1. Your finds are wonderful - and I absolutely LOVE the tea pot!!