Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Blogging before bedtime

Am trying out the camera/new laptop combo to see how it all works.
I'm nearly over The Gazebo Incident now and although it was an ouch moment I almost made up for it by making my ipod work on my old stereo and it only cost £6.47 for a lead from Tesco. Result.
Right, photos.

We've been here before... this is the square I was trying to make.

This is what I ended up with. Do I hear sniggering at the back? I'll have you know I did a lap of honour with that little baby. Not sure I'll be creating that block again. If I get a crochet bug (and I hope I do because I have shedloads of wool) I will stick to my tried and tested square.

Also the pictures of the rusty bottle and the shelfy thing.

Rusty bottle. Edith's not keen, she is turning away from it. Snobby mare.
I love these actually and have two matching on the becoming very overcrowded mantlepiece.
Little shelf affair. Also have two of these and have been looking out for them for ages in TK Maxx and then found three sets at Lakey and had to dither about for ages deciding which ones to get. Am now dithering even more about what colour to paint them (if I do) and where they will live and what will live on them.
We'll see.
Cheery bye.


  1. I'm definitely not sniggering. Well done on the crochet square!

  2. Crochet square looks good ~ I think a blanket would be fab (you know, to use up some of your wool! Have a good weekend ~ x