Friday, 24 June 2011

Meet The Girls

Evening all.
I'd like to introduce you to my girls. They are my attempt at making my living room look like a chateau. Not easy in a 1930s bungalow in Essex.

Meet Fabienne. She was the first of my Fancy French ladies. I bought her in Comptoir De Famille in Boulogne a couple of years ago. She is quite small and dainty but my word she was heavy to carry home.

Next we have the lovely Edith. Even heavier to carry home. I bought her in Maison du Monde in Saintes last summer. I love her demure expression. I'm trying not to like her more than I like Fabienne. It's hard though.

And this is Mary. Called Mary because (don't tell her) she is a substitute for a Kaempf Maddonna that I am drooling over in the Camel and Yak online shop. But as I don't have £89.95 lying about doing nothing I bought her instead in a shop in Chatham. There is nothing remotely Maryish about her really, but I spotted her and thought she would look pretty good lined up with the others. I am on the look out for some rosary beads to hang on her to give her a more religious look. At twelve quid when I get fed up with her she can live in the garden.

Finally we have The Rusty Frock. Rather creepy with no face but I absolutely adore it/her. I look at it all the time. She comes from a much less glamorous location than Fabienne and Edith. One of my all time favourite shops of ever ever after amen. TK Maxx in Southend on Sea. (Sarfend.)
My mantlepiece is like a Miss World line up.

PS Sorry about The Rusty Frock. I tried to rotate her anti clockwise but the little minx wouldn't have it. Off with her head.. oh no...

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  1. Sunny smiles,

    Thank you so much for posting on my blog. I also wanted to say hello to you and your lovely ladies Fabienne, Edith, Mary and the delightful Rusty Frock. I have names for mine too and and my daughter always tells me not to say anything horrible about them within their hearing as she thinks they will get upset ~ lol! I also have a 'head' with no body! Glad to link up with someone who also has lots of things on their 'to do' list, I can identify with that..... Sorry to hear you can’t get out to the boot sale. I ran that one past my husband early this morning and the look on his face told me it probably wasn’t a good idea to push my luck!

    Sorry if I am showing as anonymous, unfortunately I am having a problem posting on some blogs.

    Have a good day, Haizi Daizi ~ x