Thursday, 23 June 2011

Least Likely Jobs

When I were a lass at school I was absolutely pants at maths. Bright in lots of other ways, top of the class in English and pretty nifty at P.E but painfully bad at maths. I scraped by with help from my mum. I can remember her trying to help me with fractions and decimals and wondering why she had started speaking in tongues.
Upon leaving school (at 16 with one O level in Home Economics and a smattering of average CSE's) I went to work at a bank in The City of London. Not bad for a kid who could barely add up and take away. I stayed there for 15 years and did lots of different jobs including accounts.
Now I work in a school as a Learning Support Assistant and spend most of my days supporting maths or teaching children in maths.
Funny how things turn out 'aint it?
(Mind you I'm still a bit rubbish at fractions and decimals and have to listen carefully to the teacher. And I still sit there hoping she won't pick me.)
Lunch hour post... I have too much time on my hands.


  1. Mmmm, know what you eman about Maths. Not one of my favourite subjects. Mind you, fractions and decimals were the few things I could manage to do!

  2. Lucky you! I have to study up on it when I know it's coming up in school so I don't make a fool of myself!