Monday, 27 June 2011

Hot Stuff

Isn't it hot? I wish I'd done the duvet separatey thing now and not been such a wuss about being cold in bed.
No charity shop or boot sale finds this weekend, mainly due to not visiting any charity shops or boot sales. However, purchases were still made. (No photos, I'm using my shiny new, free (ha ha) with a mobile phone contract lappy and have to work out what to do.)
Back to the shopping, I bought two beige and white dotty towels in the Christy outlet shop in Ashford. Not a bargain at all at £21 each but I've been looking out for them for ages. Then, after meeting my cousin for coffee and a natter at Lakeside, I dragged her into TK Maxx and bought two rusty bottles that hold a candle, ( I will take a photo of these as they are hard to describe,) and two wall shelvy, things that are gold and cream but will be having an attack of the paintbrush when I get round to it.
Also bought two emergency frocks to add to the frock and reserve top already bought for my 50th (If I knew you better I would swear now) birthday party on Saturday.
Spent yesterday afternoon having a tear up with an industrial size, pop up gazebo we've borrowed for Saturday. We were only supposed to be practising but within half hour of getting it up, Teenage Daughter #2 and I had adorned it with bunting and lanterns and were lying under it, asleep on sunloungers.
Oh yes and last night I mastered a crochet square from the book whilst watching Beyonce. I will definitely be taking a photo of that, I am more proud of it than I should be.
Stay cool.


  1. Sounds like you had a really busy time ~ lol! I like the thought of lying on the sun loungers though ~ x

  2. Big mistake not taking it down when my husband said we should. I didn't expect it to be attacked by lightning, thunder and rain crashing on to it. It looks like Bambi out in the garden!