Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Retro Stylee Cleaning

This evening I bought some Ajax. Now I didn't even know it was still available, but it is. It was sitting next to the Vim, yes real Vim. (I will be buying that next time.) My only complaint so far is that it is no longer in the wide cardboard tube with the pretend metal ends. Sadly I can't comment on its effectiveness as a cleaning agent, as I have been too busy hoovering, (yes really,) reading blogs and watching my old man watch The Sweeney, to try it out and to be honest I'm a tad nervous. I think I shall be rather choosy about what I let it loose on as I remember it being pretty abrasive. First up will be the kitchen sink.
I bought it in The Posh Pound Shop, my friend came up with the name, one of those shops that sells all manners of tat and toot, a lot of it fairly useful. (If you want a Mexican style pine bedside cabinet, a canvas of Marilyn Monroe or a plastic curtain rail.) None of the merchandise actually costs a pound but most of it ought to.
I was going to make my second post all about My Favourite Places, but the Ajax was too exciting to leave out and deserved a mention. I will save the My Favourite Places just in case anyone actually starts reading this. The Ajax ought to lure the readers in...
Ta Ta

PS I have tried very hard to upload a photo of a bottle of Ajax but I can't. Sorry. I need a tutorial.

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