Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Pretend Armoire/Dog's Bed

The Ajax worked a treat on the kitchen sink, thanks very much for asking. I'd recommend it.

I am having another go at posting a picture and as I'm on Teenage Daughter #1's laptop I have either a photo of an Ikea bookcase pretending hard to be an armoire, (please note dirty sock on the floor and empty cereal bowl on the dining room table...)or many, many pictures of teenage girls out clubbing.
There was me trying to be all arty farty and French and clever, putting a quilt on the bottom shelf when the dog (Manny) decided to adopt it as his new bed. Hence the photo. I was charmed and alarmed and dreamed up all manners of torturous punishments for him if he managed to make my pretend armoire topple over causing smashage of all the charity shop lovelies upon it. So far he is safe.
I am going to recruit Teenage Daughter #2 to take some pictures of my recent purchases. Just to warn you I will not be vignetting with Pyrex. I have, however tied some vintage cutlery up into a bundle with a lump of string. Don't say I didn't try.


  1. Love the dog bed - that is just too precious!!

    I am your newest follower!


  2. Oooh, hello! You are my only follower! Welcome. I am more excited than I should be!

  3. Hi Missy, aaah Manny is too cute.

    You now have two followers! Hoorah! I can remember being excited when I had three and they were my partner,my daughter and me. I know, I'm very sad..... xx

  4. Hi Missy,just found you through Gems (Treasures from the cherry tree), Just reading back from the begining and my houseworks piling up,blogs so addictive ;) Manny s so cute! I'm adopting your putting my crochet blankets under the coffe table,great idea,looks so cool and better than on the back of the chairs like I have,now just need to sort out the massive piles of country living,humm...
    Love your blog,take care and good luck with the hospital and hope its not a long juliexxx