Friday, 1 July 2011

Early Morning Blogging

Very badly injured after rescue operation gazebo.

Stone dead gazebo.
(Excuse the washing line.)
The new one arrived yesterday and will stay safely in the box until it reaches its owner.

Anyway moving on swiftly. Nicer things in my garden.
The daisy patch outside the living room doors. Looking a bit bedraggled due to the heavy rain but one of my favourite things.
Although it's a tad tatty I like this little corner. It's the view from my kitchen door. The basket could do with some miracle gro, there's not much going on there. (Barbeque not made its way back into the garage yet...)
My attempt at arty fartiness. My bargain hydrangea who lives in a pot outside my back door. Every day I get a little bit more excited as the flowers open. Little things...! (The camera lead crept into the corner of this one, I'm no David Bailey!)
Our garden is pretty big, too big for us really. Apart from masses of cutting back every now and then we haven't done a lot out there. There is a garden room/summer house/ games room, after 3 years we still don't know what to call it, at the end that is one of my future projects, a greenhouse with lots of broken panes and a large garage that is so full we are climbing over stuff to get to other stuff. We are spoilt because it is completely unoverlooked and we can't see any other houses. They are there but hidden by trees.
Right off for another cup of tea!

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