Friday, 29 July 2011

Be Brave With Paint

Hello, lovelies.
Yesterday I read on Lakota's blog (if I knew how to do links I would insert one here) that she had bought a piano stool and wanted to paint it but was a bit paint shy. I dived in, as you do, or as I do, and told her not to be scared and just to go for it, not much could happen other than buggering it up and having to start again. Now I'm no Miss Mustard Seed and I don't hold myself up as an expert at furniture painting but I think it's quite easy. Mind you I think my expectations are pretty low and I don't mind imperfections, I think it is the Amish who believe that there should always be a fault in everything because only God is perfect. Or something like that. I don't believe in the imperfections because of any holy reasons, it just makes it easier to paint things and be happy with the results and is also a pretty good excuse for leaving it a bit wrong. Anyway I'm not Amish so it hardly counts does it?
Right, so, I thought I would post some photos of Bits Of Furniture What I Have Painted and hope that it might encourage Lakota to take up her paintbrush and set forth. (You can click on the photos to make them bigger.)
This is a pine dresser that I bought donkey's years ago in Hackney Road. It has suffered years of abuse, the dog has chewed it, the girls have stored crayons and stuff in the drawers and I have stuck drawing pins into it on a regular basis. I painted it in Farrow and Ball's French Gray because that's what I had in the garage left over from the fireplace. Please note the unpainted feet, I should have turned it over and painted the feet first but I was too impatient to do that and wait for them to dry and I am in the 'it won't show' gang. I used liquid sand on this then a coat of white emulsion before the eggshell. I only did one coat because I am a lazy mare and the old man thought it was meant to look like that.The wallpaper on the back is held on with drawing pins, I love a drawing pin. I have five rolls of this intended for the dining room. One day...
Bookcase bought from charity shop in my village for about eight quid. It was that shiny mahogany repro and I did have to sand it down. I used wet and dry and it was fab. No dust. Then the same, coat of emulsion then I think it might have been two coats on this. It was a tin of something that was on the reduced in Homebase.
The bookcase. This was my most ambitious project because we actually had this made to measure (our old house) and it seemed like a lot of money at the time so I had to take a bit of a run up to it. Did the same, coat of emulsion and two coats of Farrow and Ball Old White. (I think.) I took my time on this one.
This is my favourite table at the moment. It cost four quid at a boot sale and was horrible dark brown shiny wood. I did rub it down and because my intention was to start a furniture painting business in my garage (I am so full of bright ideas that last three hours) I did this one all proper. I sanded it, primed it then two coats of paint. Distressed it, (which is a fab idea for sanding off stray drips) and then waxed it. I do like it but it hasn't come out any better than my other things really. And I'm keeping it. I have done another couple of odd bits but I feel I could be boring you now!
Oh yes the 'upholstered' chair.
This is the second lot of fabric I have had on this. I have two of these and this time I cut up a tablecloth. Obviously I have used drawing pins. Mainly due to impatience, I can't wait once I get an idea, I want to do it there and then so buying a staple gun wasn't an option.
So anyway, if you are worried about paint, just have a go. Especially if it's on something you haven't paid a lot for. Don't be scared.

This week I have had some fandabedozee buys in charity shops and as soon as I get a chance I will take some photos and share the bargains. I am getting to the stage where I am panicking about where I am going to put things and today I decided I was all shopped out and told my sister I wasn't going to meet her after I had been to my mum's. But... Teenage Daughter #2 and I slid into Macdonalds for a quick lunch and then I thought, well... I'm parked up now. So we ran round and I bought some more wool (someone stop me, please) in the bedding shop and a full tea set for a fiver in the chazza. I need help. I think it's an illness. When I walked out of the charity shop who do I see but my sister, niece and great niece on the other side of the crossing! So we had a rendition of In and Out The Dusty Bluebells from the baby while I unwrapped a cup to show my sister in the street.
This weekend I am keeping away from retail outlets of any description. Mind you I might go to the boot sale on Sunday morning if it's nice out...


  1. Thanks Missy I will give it a go as soon as I can keep the kids out of the way for a couple of hours! If I had a garage I think I'd have done it before now. Your bookcases especially look great, I need a new one (well, new to me) will have to keep an eye out.

    (ps. Links are easy, just click highlight the text you want to be linked while you're writing the post, then click 'link' and copy and paste the address of the page you want to link to)

  2. Hello Missy

    Just wanted to stop by and say hello and goodbye as I'm getting ready to leave for the airport. I love reading your blog and the furniture that you've painted looks fab.

    I am getting worried about the wool buying though ~ perhaps you need to speak to someone about that ~ lol! Mind you the crochet squares are looking grand and I hope to see the finished item on my return ~ no pressure mind.

    Have a good holiday ~ happy shopping, hope you find some good boot sales and long may you continue to find lovely things in the charity shops. You have some good ones where you live.

    Take care ~ Haizi xx