Sunday, 17 July 2011

Granny Love


have inspired me to do this...
This will become a granny blanket.
I bought the two little floral posies on Friday in Rochester during an unexpected afternoon out with my sister. We had a lovely time wandering about and going in and out of all the charity shops. We topped it off by going to the bedding/wool shop and buying a few new colours.
These were my other purchases...
We were a bit disappointed with the charity shops in Rochester as they are all chain ones and have been poshed up. Lots of new stuff and high prices. I managed to buy a few crochet hooks in one, but have discovered that one has to ask as most keep them behind the counter with the knitting needles as they are classed as weapons. There's a short story there, The Crochet Hook Murder. Sounds like something by Agatha Christie.
I have decided,and this is not a recent discovery, that my sister is my favourite person to go out hunting with. We like the same sort of things but not same enough to be in too much competition for stuff! We both like charity shops, wool shops, junk shops, cake and chocolate. We get on better now than we ever did, which is lovely. (She might be reading this so I am being ultra nice about her.)
I have been thinking a lot about my housey style. You can tell I have had time to spare this weekend, thinking about self indulgent twaddle like that. Anyway I think I will have to put it in another post and see what other people think their style is and whether we have to pin ourselves down to one. I know we don't have
to do anything but whether it looks a mish mashy mess if we don't.
No boot sales for me this weekend, it hardly stopped raining yesterday and has been at it on and off all day today and I didn't fancy traipsing round in muddy fields this morning. I am telling myself that I bought enough on Friday and I could do without spending the dosh.
Right, back to my latest square, I have crocheters finger today, like shiny, numb but sore, hard skin on my forefinger, most attractive indeed!
Happy Sunday!

Ps Manny says hello...


  1. Wow, you sure found some great finds. I like your posies that you bought, so pretty. I had bought a floral posie like the top one you bought, but at a boot sale. I loved it. I had put it foolishly on the side of the bathroom sink..and one day it fell and broke (the tragic posie accident of 2010..the memories still sting :P).
    It's a sad state of affairs, when the charities shop have to keep their needles behind the counters, so they aren't used as weapons. I think you may be onto a winner with your book though 'The crochet hook murder'! Who knew crafting could be so dangerous.

    Here's hoping the sunshine will start to appear soon.

    Ps: Hello Manny! :)

  2. Lovely purchases and gorgeous colours for your granny blanket. I think you should meet my sister - you have very similar tastes :) Sister shopping is the best xx

  3. Hello to Manny. I love your posies, sounds like you had a good time on Friday. I agree with you about the charity shops, especially the well known ones like Oxfam, very expensive. I could just imagine old Miss Marple trying to solve the case of the Crochet Hook murder ~ lol! Whatever will they think of next. A granny blanket sounds good, I love the squares that you've done so far and look forward to seeing your blanket increase in size.

    Shepton M was wet and soggy, queued in the rain for twenty minutes to get in. Good job I had my wellies on. Bought a couple of bits and pieces which will keep me happy! Have a good week ~ H x

  4. Crocheter's finger! Yes! That's exactly what I have, only mine is a red little groove in the side of my left index finger--ouch. Glad I'm not alone, I thought I was doing it all wrong. :)

  5. OK - you will have to elaborate on the knitting needle murders - LOL. You and your sis found some great things!! Sis time is the best time!! Good luck with your granny squares!!