Friday, 22 July 2011

School's Out!

School's out! Hurrah for school holidays. And double hurrah for not being a teacher and having to go in during the holidays to set things up for next term! Although I don't work on Fridays I went in this morning for the year 6 leavers assembly. I held it together through most of it, but had tears rolling down my cheeks when they sung Silver and Gold (that might not be the correct name of the song) and linked arms and begun to sway. That was me gone, snivelling into a tissue and being stared at by a hall full of children. Too soft for this job. Anyway, it's nice to know I have six weeks of no work ahead of me.
Right, this weeks charity shop purchases.
First we have the two tureens, or dishes, I'm not sure of the technical term. Two dishes but only one lid. Not a massive disaster as one of them is too far gone on the inside to use for anything other than pot pourri or flowers, so I will use the lid on the one that's ok.

I love the colours on these. I don't love the colour of the tiles in my kitchen, or the smears that show up nicely in photos. I will be searching for another venue for photos. The next square I crochet for the blankie will incorporate some of these colours. My stash of wool has grown a tad as once again I accidently went in the ironmongers just to look and before I knew it I was walking out with some. The new colours have added a new dimension to the blankie, that's what I'm telling myself anyway. Eleven squares made (I've had a busy week,) thirty one to go. This will be a holiday project. While I'm on the crochet I bought the lovely crochet book that I've seen on a few blogs, the one with the pavlova and the tea cosy you could bite. Crochet porn or what? I love it and may take a break from the grannies to make something out of it. I'm feeling the granny square bag in a big way but don't think my sewing skills are up to the lining. I'll see.
More photos. My boss bought me this...
as a 50th birthday present. It was filled with lovely things, a bottle of pink sparkles, a lovely felt purse with a handpainted mirror inside and some gorgeous smellies. I nearly fainted with joy and have plans to have a picnic very shortly even if it's in my own garden. Please try not to look too closely at the most attractive Baxi Bermuda gas fire and yorkstone fireplace in the background of the photo. They are the worst thing in this house and will go as soon as a) I can talk the old man into a new boiler, b) the subsidence is sorted. (That is another post, when I can face it.)
One of my other presents was this,
I love them! I haven't quite decided where they are going yet but I think they need to be up on the wall with a plate in the middle. I have a perfect large cream platter but not sure it will show up on my cream walls. I also have a mirror in a frame that I might take out and put these in. Not sure yet. I will let you know once the decision has been made.

The other big event this week was The Day Manny Ran Away To The Boy Scout Camp. Yesterday morning the little darling decided to squeeze through a hole in the fence and try to join the Cubs. After 45 minutes of chasing him round a field, (the old man, not me) trying to lure him with a shortbread tin of dog biscuits and swearing and shouting, the old man managed to get him into the toilet of the scout camp and get him back on the lead. All this at 7am on a rainy morning. Anyway, he is grounded. Only allowed out on a lead until we get a new fence panel and is also firmly in disgrace. He also stinks and will be bathed as soon as I get a chance. If he does it again I am buying him a uniform and sending him off camping for the weekend.

PS I forgot these,

I love the colour, it probably doesn't show up too well in the pictures. Yet another thing (or two things) to find a home for. I need a bigger house. Or better still an extra one for the overspill.


  1. Love your finds! I'm really into the granny glass at the moment and that green is stunning. Chuckled at the image of 'old man' chasing dog in rain - bless his little furry socks. Perhaps you should crochet a screen to put in front of the fire - a talking point? x

  2. Nice Chazza finds Mrs! Blanky is coming along too :) x

  3. Lovely tureens ~ and I like the sound of a picnic in the garden! You might need a blanket though if the weather doesn't improve. The thought of Manny running around in a uniform conjures up all sorts of images ~ let's hope he behaves himself ~ lol! Enjoy the holidays and have fun shopping ~ H xx

  4. Lucky you - 6 weeks off. Oh just imagine what all you can get done!! I can't believe your gift from your boss - how very thoughtful. She must really take the time to get to know you. I love your tureens, I think my mother-in-law had very similar ones. I can't wait to see your finished blankie!!

    Well go enjoy a picnic with your honey!!