Sunday, 10 July 2011

Sunday Afternoon Ramblings

While I wait for The Old Man to light the barbeque I am going to show you my little slice of French Gorgeousness.

It arrived this week all the way from French France and I couldn't wait to rip it open. I bought it from Sharon Santini whose blog My French Country Home is delicious. She has a shop stocked with all sorts of wonderfulness. I had to have this cushion as it is sporting my initials, there was no talking myself out of it. Anyway I love it and once I manage to buy the right size cushion pad it will live on my bed alongside this...

Bought this morning from TK Maxx in Southend on Sea. The pom poms grabbed me and when I saw it had Bordeaux written on it and it had a red clearance sticker to boot it was mine. I also bought this...

So all in all this weekend has had a bit of a French theme going on. I have also moved all the lovely wool into a scrubbed up and lined with a lump of oilcloth wine box.

The crochet is going very well, I have even tackled two crochet hook level blocks from my book and haven't cried yet. When I can grapple the camera back off Teenage Daughter #2 I will take some photos. And today I bought issue 3 of Mollie Makes and I might have a go at the flowers. If only I had known about this magazine in time to get the first two.

The wool shop in Southend was closed so no wool buying fix for me today. I had an Outraged Of Essex moment but then thought about the large stash I have living in the wine box and decided that perhaps I ought to use some of that before I buy any more.
I have two blankets here that my mum made back in the late 60s early 70s and my sister and I are mystified because the granny square she has used is not the one she taught us to do. I will have to have a forage round her old chocolate boxes next Friday to see if I can find any old pattern books. I know my mum taught herself to crochet from a book and patiently showed my sister and I how to do it. She also taught us both to knit and I turned out to be pretty ok at it although I haven't done any f'rages. I like crochet because it grows quicker!
Oh dear, what a long and rambling post! I will take photos of my mum's blankets for another post.
Happy Sunday, campers!

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  1. Your french finds are gorgeous!! And finding something with your initials on it - I am impressed!!! Good luck with the crochet and using up your wool stash!!