Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Work In Progress

Earlier this year I was aimlessly crocheting squares with some left over wool I had lurking about. Then on Sunday I bought a cushion that was heavily reduced in TK Maxx, thinking that it would fit the French Fancy Pillowcase. Anyway, it didn't, so I am putting it to use as the first crochet cushion project. I'm getting a bit obsessed with it now, dreaming up ways of attaching it to the existing cushion cover, (that I originally didn't like very much but has started to look more and more attractive now I have realised that it will make life easier if I use it as a back,)and then doing a lairy edging round it.
Last night I also crocheted some flowers from the Mollie Makes magazine. I did one wrong but it came out very nicely indeed so I slung a button it, popped it in a box with a bath cake thingy and gave it to my friend in work who is going through a bit of a rough time. I think I have worked out how to do it properly although I have to say the pattern isn't very clear, unless it's just me being a thick mare. I am intending to make a few flowers and add them to the cushion. This is providing, of course, that I don't get bored with this in the meantime and slink off the garage to start painting tables again. (As well as a wool stash I also have a table stash...)
Some photos of the WIP:

And the half sewn, half crocheted together squares:
Please note that I have tried to do that Bloggy Mysterioso thing where you only half show something thereby tempting one's readers and hoping they come back for another butchers at a later date to see the finished item. I'm learning fast...
And now for the flower, the one I kept that came out ok.
Quite happy with that actually, bordering on nauseatingly smug.

After work yesterday I hopped along to two of the charity shops in the village. I had this notion that they might have some good patterns and some coloured crochet hooks. I did buy two hooks, not coloured but no patterns. Mainly because there were about a million of them sitting in the basket and I didn't have the energy to go through them all. Other than the two hooks, nothing doing. I don't know if I'm not looking properly or the stock is a bit pants lately but I drove home all deflated and fancying cake. I'm praying that it will stay dry this weekend so I can go to the boot sale. And I might, only might go to Leigh on Sea on Saturday. I am getting withdrawal symptoms for a decent tooty purchase.
While I'm here I'll carry on for a bit. Getting very excited about breaking up from school next week. Very excited indeed. I have all sorts of vague ideas about what I'm going to achieve during the holidays. Painting the tiles in the kitchen, possibly painting the summerhouse, (this one is a tad ambitious,)putting some things up for sale on ebay, doing another boot sale... the list goes on. I will probably spend the first week loafing round the house with my dressing gown on watching films and faffing about with wool and a crochet hook.
Right the WIP cushion is calling me and so are the Teenage Daughters who will waste away if I don't get some dinner on immediately.


  1. I like the Bloggy Mysterioso thing..good thinking..I will have to try that some time! Well your 'Bloggy Mysterioso' has worked for me, I am already looking forward and very curious to see how your cushion will turn out. I really like the colors of the sqaures and I like the idea of adding the flowers to it as well. I have always wanted to give crochet a go..I think you have inspired me to give it a try :) (I have tried knitting, I can knit a straight scarf, with no detail..that is as far as my talents lay :P).

    Here is hoping for some sunshine on the weekend. If you do manage to go to the boot sales, I hope you will find some great bargains (and if not have some yummy cake waiting at home!).

    If you do paint your kitchen tiles, I would like to know what you thought of it, how easy it was etc. My kitchen tiles are crying out for either paint or replacing..I just haven't been brave enough yet to do anything with them.

    Enjoy the summer holidays! :)

  2. Very nice crochet flower, I'm not surprised you're feeling nauseatingly smug! I thought I'd left a comment on your previous post but just wanted to say how much I love your JB cushion cover. If you sew up a rectangle of cheap fabric just a little smaller than the JB, you can make up your own cushion by filling it with toy stuffing, if you can get it easily, hand stitching the opening and then pop it into your cover. It won't be as plump and lovely as a proper pad but it will do till you can get hold of one.

    Thanks for your comment about country living, so many different ideas I'm getting quite confused but lots of food for thought. Talking of which, enjoy your cake!!