Friday, 8 July 2011

Cracking on with the crochet.

See... I told you I could crochet granny squares. I have yet to decide what I'm doing with these, they may be a cushion cover. I have never made a cushion before and I'm getting all hot and bothered about how many to make and how they are going to fit together. So far I have used the scientific method of measuring by holding them against an existing cushion and judging it by eye. Two cashmere jumpers have been dug out of the depths of my wardrobe and may be the back. Or maybe not. I can see myself chickening out.
Today I have been to Kent, I go every Friday to take my mum shopping and this week I made a detour to the town to check out the charity shops. They were both no good. Not a sniff of anything decent. Very disappointing indeed. However, there is a bedding shop that stocks wool so I went in there and accidently bought some. Added to what I accidently bought last week in the ironmongers in my village, (is there any such thing as a wool shop any more? Soon I will be buying it in the butchers,)I could probably make a couple of blankies.
Wool corner. Actually make that Wool, Magazine, Laptop and Dust Corner.
I can't resist the colours.
Once I get back from food shopping, (I haven't been for nearly two weeks, we are living on toast and takeaways) I am going to crack on with the cushion cover/blanket/haven't decided yet.
Happy Friday!


  1. Don't chicken out, you can do it! The squares look lovely. Just bung on a backing and you're done. If I can do it, you can. Go for it!

  2. I have sewn four together and am crocheting round the whole lot in an effort to get it to something close to the size I want. Woo! Getting there. Whether I will be brave enough to cut up a cashmere jumper is another thing! x

  3. Lovely squares, pretty colours. Looking forward to seeing the finished product. Make something small with them, that way you'll finish something quicker and it'll spur you on to starting the next thing!

    Thanks for coming over for a visit and for your lovely comment
    Kate x

  4. Hello there, thanks for leaving a comment on my blog - it's always a thrill when someone new has stopped by. Love your blog - I think you wool shop the same as me 'accidentally, just in case' kind of shopping. Your scientific approach to the granny cushion dimensions is the best way I think - it always works for me. Good luck x

  5. I like the colours of your granny squares..I would love to see how it turns out if you make a cushion :)

  6. Love the crocheted squares ~ the colours look lovely together. Look forward to seeing whatever you decide to do with them ~ I'm sure the finished article will look fab ~ enjoy!