Saturday, 2 July 2011

Let's Party!

Even without an industrial size gazebo I'm having a party tonight! Wooohooo!
The garage is full of beer, cider, wine and ice, the fridge is full of sausage rolls etc, the sandwiches and wraps are being picked up from Tesco later. (I never pretended to be Nigella...)
I have still to decide which one of the four frocks to wear and we have had ructions from the teenage daughters this morning about bras, dresses and application of fake tan. (They favour the orange look. Nice.)
Balloons have been blown up and my idea of making some bunting from old sheet music with blown up black letters on it has been poo pooed as looking 'too home made.' Playlists have been listened to and assessed carefully for danceability.
They have asked me where I'm putting my bags of wool and crochet and whether I will be using the laptop at any time during the evening. Funny.
All I have to do now is clean the bathroom and loos, hoover and wash the floors, iron the tablecloths and my trousers, paint my toenails, take Manny to the kennels, assemble the spare dining table, move the sofa to the summerhouse, change two beds and tart myself up.
Not much then...
Happy Saturday and have a smashing weekend.


  1. Hope your party is wonderful!! It is amazing how much work they are. And aren't teen girls wonderful - be sure to do something to totally embarrass them!!!

    Have a blast!

  2. Sounds like a jolly good time was had by all and how good are your lovely girls ~ washing and cleaning the floor! Bless them.

    Sunny smiles x

  3. Hi ladies, yes I had a great time and I think all the guests did too!
    haizi daizi, it's a one off, my girls are lovely but washing floors or cleaning anything isn't their thing!
    Thanks for you comments.