Tuesday, 5 July 2011

The Party's Over!

Oh my word, what a brilliant party! Plenty of boozing, laughing, dancing, a few tears but happy ones, great fun with great friends and family and no gazebo emergencies! The old man and The Teenage Daughters gave me a surprise cake which was gorgeous. And still is because I don't want to cut it.

I am still trying to get the place straight and back to normal and the onset of a rotten cold and sore throat isn't helping matters. The Teenage Daughters have been pretty good. They washed the floors... in four inches of plain water without changing it once. At least they tried. I told myself that when I emptied the mud from the bucket.
All in all a fab time was had by all. Especially me!
I might be 50 again next year!

(It's not actually my birthday until August 10th so I do have time to do it all over again...)
Laters ladies.


  1. So glad that you had a blast!! And how sweet of your girls to clean - in the teenage way that they do!! (Hey - when I was a teen I helped my mom by cleaning the wood floors with furniture polish, oops!!)

    The cake is too cute!!! I would not want to cut it either.

    Happy early birthday


  2. We gave in and cut the cake! It's delicious, Teenage Daughter #2 will testify to that!
    And thanks for the happy birthday!