Tuesday, 19 July 2011

The Style Council

Well, the crocheting together and edging (thanks to Attic 24) of the cushion cover is done.

Now just to put some sort of back onto it. I bought some linen pillow covers in the famous bedding/wool/curtain shop in Kent last week and might sew the crocheted bit onto the front to make it easy for myself. It's probably larger than I would actually want it but hey ho!
I am also making headway with the squares...
I know it doesn't look like many but they are 11 rounds so fairly big. I am loving deciding which colour to pick up next and have forced myself not to buy any more wool this week. I want to use up some of what I have first.

At the moment I am in that vintagey greeny, pinky, purply mood. That little posy I bought last week is sitting on my kitchen windowsill waiting for a proper home and I keep looking at it and admiring the colours. I like lots of different things and although I don't think my taste really changes, my mood does. I can't pin myself down to one thing. Sometimes I love that beachy, pared down, white, clean look, (although I don't have that anywhere in the house, the bathroom is probably the closest,) sometimes I love that grey, ornate, gilt,silver and glass distressed French look and sometimes I love the overblown floral, Cath, faded out greens and chipped china look. This week I am firmly in the third camp. I love the mid twentieth century thing as well, but I'm not sure how well that mixes in with other styles so have shied away from buying much of it. (My mum's house is firmly stuck in the 70's and 80's so I get my fix of it round there anyway!)Mind you if I ever see a tea or coffee set with turquoise flowers on it I will be buying it.
Do you have a style? Or do you think it's ok to mix? I really just buy what I like or love and find a home for it later. I 'get it' even if other people don't!



  1. I think mixing up the styles and buying pieces that take your fancy is what makes a house a home and not a show house. I am a bit the same but as long as you don't over do any one style I think it works really well. A little bit of what you fancy does you good, as the saying goes. Good job with the grannies x

  2. I think it's great to mix up styles. I always like a home that shows ones personality in it, with things that the person loves. I don't think I have one style, it is a bit of a mix as well..just anything that takes my fancy (and can fit in my tiny house..haha).

  3. Love the colours you've used in your work.
    I think my style is constantly changing, very much 1950s with a 70s twist stamped through the middle like a stick of rock.

  4. It's looking fab and I love the mix of colours! I think it's great to mix and match different things. I'm like you, if I like something I will buy it as I know I will always find a home for it somewhere. I'm firmly into the rusty and battered look at the moment (much to my husband's dismay).

    Packing is going really slow as I have more fun things I'd rather be doing and keep on getting distracted ~ lol!....... Happy crocheting .... x

  5. I say mix and match, whatever makes you happy as that's what it's all about. Love your crocheting, very neat!