Thursday, 7 July 2011

Wine Box Loveliness

Today I thought I might share my latest new boxes. I love them and at the moment they are living in my garage until I decide what to do with them.

One has been put into service outside the back door and has become home to a lovely pink hydrangea.

I did take some close ups of the flowers but they are covered in bits of black dirt so I'm not posting them. I believe this plant to have a design fault as the flowers won't stay upright but point downwards to the floor which means one has to go looking for them.

Another is residing in my living room filled with magazines and looks rather dashing. There are a few more in the garage and I'm waiting for some inspiration as to what to do with the rest.

I have decided that the general crapness of my photos is due to the camera, the light, the way the flash falls on the item and because it is a Thursday. It can't be me...
I think unless I have lessons and grow some patience we can safely say that this blog will never be beautiful. I just had a play with the paint thingy, (I thought I was jolly clever to have even found it, let alone know how to use it,)and the results looked like a pre-school child's offering hanging on a fridge door with an alpahabet magnet.
One would never think I have been doing actual work on actual spread sheets on an actual laptop in a real life actual job all day when I can't even crop a perishing photo.
Hey Ho, can't be good at everything!
Any ideas on uses for the wine boxes would be much appreciated.

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