Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Fantasy vs Reality

Things that make me smile.
Greengages picked from my garden this morning.
A £1 purse from Primies and some lovely note cards to write thank you notes for my birthday presents.
Birthday present from my sister. (Yes, the one with the picture.)
Handmade by moi using bits of old tat I had lying around the house.
The shabbiest chicest candlestick that my mate laughed at when I bought it.
A little tureen that belonged to my nan. Not Edith Florence, the other one, Charlotte Anna. (My nans had very pretty names actually.)
Birdy stuff.

Things that have not made me smile this morning.
Manny's penchant for sleeping on white linen French tablecloths.
Manny's penchant for dragging said tablecloths to more comfortable spots. And for sleeping on (and sometimes having erotic moments with) my dressing gown.
The dining room table complete with washing to be put away.
The utility room. It deserved two pictures because it really is a massive tip.
Lovely chair covered in coats and handbags. Oh dear, they're all mine.
Towels on the sofa.
Shoes left in mental places.
The old man's attempt at sabotaging my pretend dressing table.
More chairs covered in more clean washing to go away.
I can't believe I am posting photos of my untidy house on the

I have my work cut out today tidying up this lot.


  1. I love the pink floral purse and the thank you pretty! You have some really lovely things :)

    I am glad to see that I am not the only one, that currently has a few house chores to tackle..My table looks exactly the same with washing to sort out (I'll get to it at some point..perhaps later..perhaps tomorrow).

    Manny sounds a lot like my Basil..I have to be careful what is within his reach, or else he takes it and it never quite looks the same again :P

  2. I think the pretty pictures more than make up for the, ahem, not so pretty ones. My hat off to you for showing reality in all its glory. I've got ironing stacked up on the kitchen floor, the dirty tea things still out on the side to be washed up, bits on the carpets and heaps of dirty washing in the bathroom. I'm a bit more of a coward and daren't take pictures of those. I am documenting the kitchen sink though - it's not clean very often. Let's look at it this way. People are really living in OUR houses! Happy tidying!
    Love from Mum

  3. Oh God I leave wet towels everywhere - it's my most annoying habit! Love the look of those greengages though, life is a careful balancing act of pleasing prettiness and utter chaos - at least it is in my house.

    Thanks so much for your encouragement re: the furniture painting, that Annie Sloan stuff sounds excellent. I'm glad you commented, you don't show up as a follower on Google Friend Connect for some reason so otherwise I wouldn't have found your blog

    Lakota x

  4. Love it!!! Now I do not feel so bad about posting the pics of my laundry!!

    Looove the picture that you made